The pandemic has really brought about many changes one of them being a new school calendar where our school terms have really changed as well as shortened. The first school term in year 2021 came to a close on 30th of September 2021 and school resumed back again on 11th October 2021 for the second school term in year 2021.  The first school term was quite busy with all our kids graduating to new grades thus getting to learn new exciting things. The term was quite short as it entailed 9 weeks of learning where normally it should run for 14 weeks. The teachers were very commited and they really sacrifised their time to ensure that no time was wasted while here in school. Both mothers and the support staff worked hand in hand with the teachers to ensure that the children received all the support they needed while in school. Assessment tests were done regularly to monitor the progress of our children in order to know where they are academically. The teamwork shown by the learners was amazing and seeing them work in groups was very encouraging.  We are currently in our second school term and we wish all our teachers and learners success as they strive to be the best they can be in academics.


Here in Ngong Huruma Schools we have four houses, that is, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green who compete every school term in various areas both here in school as well as at home. Our children are placed in various houses and each house has a number of patrons from different departments that guide the learners in various aspects that are being competed in. The theme of the first school term was “On Your Marks”, which was aimed at preparing the learners for the new things they are going to learn in their new grades here in school. The theme of the current second school term is “Get Set”, where the learners are being encouraged to be more enthusiastic in their academics to achieve better grades in their education. Apart from academics we are also looking at the the general discipline of a child as well as a child’s engagement in sport activities. These are school terms that have seen learners engage in different sport activities where the Primary School hold their sports day every Wednesdays and the High School every Thurdays.  Also these are terms that have seen the houses lead devotions every morning where each house is assigned for a week to lead the school devotion this helping the learners realize their talents and gifts in various areas. The team members have also not being left out as each department is assigned for a week to lead devotions and we can say that it has being great seeing various talents and gifts from our from each and everyone of them. These sessions have helped sharpen the leadership and communication skills of both our learners and team members. Working in teams and groups has helped raise the level of creativity in our school and as we continue nurturing various gifts and talents among our learners we hope that they will excel in academics as well as in their talents and gifts.


“He who plants a tree, plants hope”. On October 28th,  we had a busy yet a fun day with  Re-greening Africa and the Tree 4 Goals teams who came to launch the program of planting trees in our school. A young man by the name Lesein Mutunkei came up with the Tree 4 Goals program where he encourages the young generation to plant 11 trees for every goal scored in soccer, which will help curb deforestation in our country Kenya. This initiative really encouraged our young boys and girls who are gifted in the field to have a goal as they work towards scoring goals in the field. Re-greening Africa’s aim is to restore the ecosystems in 8 countries with an aim of improving the resilience of 500,000 households across sub-Saharan Africa. These wonderful visitors donated 100 different species of trees where we planted some of the trees together and left the rest for us to plant. The children together with their teachers enjoyed planting the remaining trees which was a four day exercise. Children chose among themselves leaders to help organize watering of the trees and so far the trees are coming up well and the children are ensuring that they have adequate water at all times through a bottle watering mechanism. We have also fenced the areas we planted the trees to ensure they are protected from any destruction by both the children and the animals. In the next few years, our Home and School will be more greener than it is at this time and for this we truly thank Re-greening Africa and Tree 4 Goals for choosing Huruma Children’s Home in Ngong for their tree planting drive

#Go Green…..Save Trees….Save the Planet…



As we are aproaching the Christmas season, we would like to take this opportunity and thank every person who have made our Christmas come early this season. Here in Huruma Community, we usually start our Christmas early and the children are singing the Christmas Carols each morning in school.

We want to thank  Mr. Denis Otieno and his wife, who are the friends of the Home for coming to celebrate his birthday with the children. We wish him a blessed year ar head full of God’s blessings and love. Thank you so much Denis for sharing your special day with us and for choosing Huruma Children’s Home. To all our friends and partners around the world, we love you and we truly cherish and value your friendship.