I want to take this time and greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s my hope that you are all doing great and you and your families are well in the Lord. I am so glad to inform you that we are also doing great and my big family and I are well and healthy. God has been so faithful and a loving father to us. He has surely kept us like the apple of His eye, like He promised in Zachariah 2:8.



I want to thank God for so many things but the perfect peace in Kenya makes me praise Him even more. It is common in Kenya to experience post election violence, which was not the case in the just concluded general elections which were held in 9th August 2022. We were in so much uncertainty as we did not know what will follow after the election exercise, so we were all on our knees in prayer, where we asked God to give us the leader chosen by Him. Violence affects so many things especially the economy and it also affects most people emotionally and mentally as well. We thank God that now we have a new President and we pray that he will lead us according to God’s guidance and will for him for the tenure he will be in office. May God bless our country Kenya.


It is now three years since I went to India for a bone marrow transplant. It was first discovered that I was sick with cancer back in the year 2019 when the government ordered our perimeter wall to be demolished to pave way for the construction of the tarmac road. I was so saddened by that action since I was still working on constructing our wall at that time. Due to the shock, my body started reacting to the cancer cells already in my body and after multiple tests, I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer  named Multiple Myeloma. The disease made me to have a back problem that would have affected my mobility if not treated. I had to be rushed to India in May 2019 for an emergency back operation, where I was screwed up to straighten my spinal cord. Later on in September 2019, I was taken to India again for a bone marrow transplant, which was one really tough journey for me.

I thank God that I am here now three years later praising God for He has healed me.  The disease made everything to be in a standstill, more especially for my many children, but I thank God that He was with them all during these uncertain moments. I thank everyone who came through for me and helped my children raise medical funds for my treatment. May God truly bless you and your families and may He also come through for you in times of trouble.



Our school calendar got really affected by the pandemic and this year has been a year with 4 school terms instead of the 3 terms we are used too. Our teachers and facilitators have worked really smart in ensuring that the learners are well prepared in their various grades. We have also had a lot of school breaks especially in our 2nd school term as it is the time we went for our general elections. We have had short school terms as well but we thank God for His wisdom on how to go about these school terms. Despite these changes, our learners have continued to embrace their teams in the various colors they have been assigned and as a result, the spirit of competition has not faded away. The team colors in our school are Red, Blue, Green and Yellow where the teams are headed by teachers and the support staff as the team patrons. We have continued to emphasize on discipline, positive attitude, personal grooming, communication, sport activities as well as academic excellence for all our learners in all grades.

I also want to thank God for providing us with a new school bus this school term which has really helped us in ensuring that our learners are comfortable while being picked and dropped to school. It is such a relief to have a brand new bus as our old bus was old and was breaking down every now and then. We thank God for using a dear friend of the Home to bless us with this beautiful gift.

We are currently on our 3rd school term and it is a term that will see our grade 8 and 12 sit for their national examinations in November and December 2022. The grade 8 students are expected to join high school in January 2023 and the grade 12 students are expected to be exited from Huruma Children’s Home and join our transition program as they wait to join various colleges and universities after a period of 1 year. Also this is a term that will see our first grade 6 learners sit for their national assessments which will transition them to junior high school, a new education system in Kenya. It is a pioneer class for all schools in Kenya where our grade 6 learners in Kenya will proceed to junior high instead of grade 7 as it usually was in the past years. We kindly ask you to pray for our candidate classes as they look forward to graduating to the next level according to their respective grades.


We have had a wonderful year and we thank God that despite the troubles and trials we went through, He has being our Ebenezer. I thank God for this new education system introduced by the Ministry of Education as it saw our grade 3 learners visit another children’s home as well as our Home receiving grade 3 learners from other schools. All over Kenya, the grade 3 learners were given an assignment to show love and care to the less fortunate children and as a Home we received lots of donations from a number of schools in our county. May God truly bless these beautiful souls for the cat of kindness and love they showed us during their visit with us.

I want to thank all our friends and partners both locally and internationally for always being there for me and my children. It is not easy bringing up so many kids but I thank God for He has always provided for all our needs through your selfless sacrifices. Thank you for putting a smile on a child’s face and helping me give them hope for a better tomorrow. Every child in Huruma is here with a purpose and I thank God for placing them into my hands for care and protection. I thank you all for we have worked together to see that each child is well taken care of and for this I say thank you. May God bless you and your families.