I want to greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that you are all doing well and protected by the lord. My children and I are all doing great and we thank God for His protection and care over our lives. We have had a wonderful year so far and for that, we are truly grateful to the Lord Almighty.

After a short break in December 2021, the school resumed back for the third school term, which was also our final term of our candidates in grade 8 and grade 12, where they were to sit for the National Examinations in March 2022.  This being the last school term, the teachers and students were really ready to end the term on a high note in regards to academic performance. The learners were also very excited to be in school as this is was their last term before proceeding to their respecztive new grades. For the grade 8 learners, they will proceed to grade 9, and for the grade 12 learners they will transition out of the Orphanage to start life on their own. The theme of the term was ‘GO’, which was aimed at marking an end to a successful academic year. The first term and the second term themes were ‘ ON TO YOUR MARKS’ and ‘GET SET’ respectively and here we go with the third term theme ‘GO’.  The school teams, which are, Green, Blue, Red and Yellow were very busy working towards achieving their termly goals and objectives. The school ran smoothly and I thank all my team of teachers and other supporting staff for the dedication they had to make sure that the destiny of my kids are achieved. I know among the kids that I am caring for, great men and women will come from them, and for this, I truly thank the Lord.

For a while now we have been having issues with our water and the borehole. We had tried all we could including cleaning the borehole as well as changing the motor of the water pump but after all that, the borehole dried up and no water was coming out from it. Due to this occurence, we have been purchasing water from outside which is quite an expensive exercise. I thank God for his provision of funds through a friend of the Home, who has since gone to be with the Lord, because in March 2022, we sunk in another borehole in the Home, which is much deeper than our old borehole. I thank God that in a few days we shall have plenty of  water flowing in the Home and our children will again have adequate water supply.

March 2022 was a month that brought grief to the whole of Huruma Fraternity as it is a month that saw us loose an Huruma Alumni as well as a current child of the Home. One of our former child by the name Josephine Mwongeli went to be

with Lord on 14th March 2022 after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Doctors tried all they could to help manage the cancer but  unfortunately, she lost the battle and went to be with the Lord. I really thank God for the Huruma Alumni, who came out in a very big way to help cater for the hospital bills and pain medications, which was quite expensive. May God bless all my former children wherever they are in different parts of the world for coming out in a big way to help their sister Josephine. On 23rd March 2022 we lost a current child of the Home by the name Silas Juma who succumbed to a head injury  in Kenyatta National Hospital after a fatal road accident. His death happened two days after the burial of Josephine, and it really hit us hard as our hearts were still bleeding and not yet healed. He had a traumatic head injury and the doctors tried all they could to help him but he sadly succumbed due to internal bleeding. We laid both our kids to their final resting place on the 19th March 2022 and 2nd April 2022 respectively. Thank you all for your prayers and financial support through these really painful occurences. The Lord gave us these children and we thank Him for the time we got to spend with them while here on earth.

I want to thank everyone who has been standing with me during the tough times and the good times.  Thank you so much for all your prayers, love as well as financial support. Special thanks to all my kids who turned up in a very big way when I needed them the most during the sickness period of their sister Josephine. May God bless you all and know that I pray for you and I love you each and every passing day. Blessings to you all