I want to great you all in the name of our Lord Jesus. I hope that you our friends are all doing fine. We praise God together for the safety and protection He has given us through this whole year. I can truly say that God has been our EBENEZER. He has  supplied all our needs throughout the year according to His riches in Glory, and for sure we have seen His hand upon our lives. Since we started the year, no time have I ever complained that God was not for us. His hedge of protection has always been around us mostly during this ascertain period.


Throughout the year me, my team of teachers, support staffs and the administration have been working so hard to come up with the better performance in our school. I am so happy because the students have collaborated with us too. They are working so hard to pursue their dreams. This has been my ultimate goal and mission; to help those children in need to become productive members of the society through rehabilitating them and empowering them with quality education.

We are striving to come up with better performance each day. I know sometimes it is hard for them since a big number of them came from difficult backgrounds, and this may affect them emotionally in one way or another, thus affecting their academic performance. Nevertheless most of them are gifted with crafted hand and can do better if given a chance. We have  come up with a streamlined plans of setting goals that will enable a student to follow closely his/her academic journey from the set goals. I can attest to positive feedbacks from their teachers as we end the year and ready to start a new term in next year 2024. I believe that their positive determination in their academics

performance will pay off and we shall reap fruits from all our input in our children and the school.


Late October and whole of November 2023 saw our candidate classes, grade 8, grade 6 and grade 12 sit for their Kenya National Examinations. These are examinations that enable our learners proceed to a higher level in their academic journey. Our grade 6 learners sat for the examination as they proceed to Junior School; Our grade 8 learners sat for the examination as they proceed to Secondary School marking the last class eight in the 8.4.4 system of education and our grade 12 learners sat for the examination which marks an end in the secondary school level. From here the grade 12 (form 4) will proceed to colleges and tertiary level. Our children from the home goes to Mama Leigh’s homes.

The examination went smoothly and we thank God that all our candidates got to sit for the national examinations which are very vital here in Kenya. Our grade 8 learners did extremely well with our first student being a girl by the name Zani Diana  scoring 359/500 marks. Other learners followed closely and we truly thank God for this victory. We are yet to receive results for the grade 6 and 12 learners but I believe that we shall celebrate their victory as well. Thank you for all your prayers and support towards our home. BRAVO to all our children who sat for their national examinations this year.


As you know, every year we exit children who have finished grade 12  from the Home as per our government’s requirements. This year we exited 23 young adults from the Home, 12 of them had no where to go and thank God for Mama leigh’s house which will house them for the next one year. Among the twelve five will be working in our farm in Gatune, two will be working in a beauty saloon of one of our former child and the rest will be working in Huruma. This is the first time we have been able to absorb all our transition students. Thank to you all for believing in us and trusting us.  Most of these children joined the Home when they were small  and I thank God that we are exiting healthy kids back to the community.

I truly want to thank Leighs Mission, which is headed by Andra Good, for all they do to ensure that our children have been exited in dignity.

May God truly bless Andra and her team for this noble and beautiful mission in their hands. You have put smiles in many children’s lives…Baraka.


Back in 2009, I was gifted a 5 acre piece of land in Kiambu county in a place known as Ndeiya By Bishop Allan Kiuna and his family. I really needed a land to grow food for my children. I stood in the alter and shared my dream with them. They were God sent when they gave me that 5 acre piece of land. With time God has helped us to buy another 10 acres of land, where  now have a

15 acres piece of land. My prayers and my Christmas wish is to get water

Growing food in the farm has become hard since we do not have adequate water supply in the area. Due to this we have been having a plan of drilling a well in the farm which will aid in the water supply issue. We tried it the first time in 2019 but the machine working at that time could not go deeper as expected thus we did not get water. God is good as next year we shall try drilling another well again and we pray that this time round we shall be successful in getting adequate water.

I also thank God for Huruma Children’s Trust, Canada, which is headed by Donna Mansfield, who have helped me put up a beautiful one stone structure in the farm. This has helped us to accommodate five of  our children who have finished grade 12 and are interested in farming. I am excited as my children will be helping me take care of the farm as well as working hard in producing foodstuff for their brothers and sisters in the Home. The farm creates a job for many other transition children after finishing grade twelve. My aim is to construct other eight  units that will be residential place for many transition kids. My prayers is by next year this will be done.


I want to thank each and every person that has made my dream come to reality. I could have not achieved this without you. Thank you for your extended hand. This year many of our friends both local and international have shared with us their time and resources and this has not been taken for granted.

Earlier  this year, we had a visit from Susan Cousineau from Canada. Susan came to evaluate the progress of both the School and the Home which was a very good move for all of us here in Huruma. Suzie noticed a great improvement since she was last in Kenya, which showed us that we were on the right track in our operations. She helped our learners especially in the high school section on how to set SMART goals, both short term and long term. Thank you so much Suzie and the entire Huruma Children’s Trust, Canada.

We also want to thank Leigh Mission, headed by Andra Good who came to the Home mid-year. The team really had a busy time shopping for the transition kits  and making sure that our children had what they needed before exiting the Home. May God truly bless Leigh Mission for their great love towards our children.

This year we also had a visit from Hope For Huruma Foundation, headed by Sara Ghali, who came to the Home at a very crucial time when our candidates were preparing to sit for their national examinations. The team treated our candidates to a special lunch before sitting for the examinations and also they put smiles in all our Huruma Fraternity by surprising us with a delicious Christmas Lunch on our school’s closing day. Thank you so much for the great love you have towards our children.

I also want to thank Irene Montet  (Mama Angel) and the group of friends who shared with us an early Christmas party. They brought the actual meaning of the season by ensuring that the children had great fun and goodies during that day. The children were treated to delicious meals as well as beautiful gifts during that day. God bless you so much and extend my gratitude to the entire team that visited our Home on that day.

We also got surprise visits from Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) staff members, KAA Health Care staff members, who conducted a health clinic for our children and many other individuals who have visited the Home this year. You truly have being a blessing to me and my children.

We also cannot forget a group of Kalenjin community young men and their parent who just visited us after their rite of passage and brought to us gifts

Delmont were also not left behind. That you for gifting us with fruits and juice. God bless you .

Stephen Ngatho who is our area county representative also extended his hand during this festive season. He was not left behind.

I may not have mentioned you but know that we love you and pray for you always. Thank you all who partnered with us throughout the year. May the good Lord always watch over you and your families…ASANTENI SANA.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year