I greet you all in the name of Jesus our Lord. I hope that you are all doing so fine and I thank God everyday for all you our friends and partners. I thank God for you being my destiny supporter for I cannot do all this without your emotional, psychological and financial support. All my children are doing great and I thank God for His protection over our lives; truly He has been our Ebenezer.


Our children resumed back to school In May 2022 after a long 9 weeks holiday in March and April 2022. They are now in our first school term which is really short and new to us, as compared to our normal school terms. This year we have a really short and squeezed school calendar but we pray that in year 2023 we shall go back to normalcy in regards to our academic calendar.  All the three terms are supposed to be done between May 2022 to December 2022, this making it really tough for both our teachers and learners, as they are working extra hard to cover the syllabus. We are on an academic marathon and we pray that our learners will be able to accomodate all that they will be taught by their teachers in this short academic year. This is a year that will also see our grade 6 learners under the new Competency Based Curricullum, sit for their national assessments in December 2022, in preparation to joining Junior High School. We thank God for the far He has brought us and we wish all our learners all the success as they pursue their academic dreams. We also pray for wisdom and strength for all our teachers and facilitators as they guide our childreen in this academic journey.



It is always the joy of a mother to see her child grow and succeed. This is what I felt after seeing one of my child by the name Faith Njoki coming to visit me all the way from the US. Faith is a child who came to the Home way back in 2002. She started her primary school here before she found a foster family to host her. Sadly, she came back to the Home when things did not work out well with her foster family. She continued her schooling here and after finishing her primary education, she joined our secondary school which had just started. She passed very well after grade 12 and through Huruma sponsorship, she was enrolled in a College in the US. I thank God that since she left, she is now an American citizen and she works there. I thank God for this milestone in Faith’s life and that my mission of empowering children in need is bearing fruits. Truly, I am one happy mother.


Since the pandemic hit us in March 2020, the Home also stopped receiving its international visitors, as the pandemic was on a global scale.  We thank God that the pandemic is being contained and the borders are opening up allowing people to gtravel to other countries. We are excited that we got to see one of a dear friend of the Home, be the name Stephanie Mosher, after 4 years since she was in Huruma. It was such a great re-union and the children were really excited to have her in the Home. We had really missed her and we thank God that she made it to Kenya again. She is a teacher by profession and thus most of her time was spent in our school. She taught mostly mathematics to the high schoolers as well as help some children in their personal studies. She also got to engage in various school activities which was really an experience for her and the childrene as well.  I want to take this chance and thank everyone who supported Stephanie while in Kenya. Through your support, Stephanie was able to buy for us a lot of food stuffs which is a great need at the moment. Asante sana Stephanie and may our good Lord bless you always.


On 9th August 2022, Kenya will hold its general elections which will determine our next government. As you all know, elections usually come with a lot of pressure and uncertainity but we pray God that we shall have peaceful elections come that date. As result, prices of commodities have really gone up to a point of some even lacking in the market. Thank you so much for your continued support as it would have been really hard without supporters and friends like you. Please pray for our country for peace at this time when the political environment in our country is really uncertain.


I want to take this humble opportunity to thank every person who has played a part to make sure that I reach my destiny. I am so sure that God is using you our friends and partners to work as a blessing to all my children here in Huruma and out of Huruma in various higher insitutions of learning. I would not have made it on my own.

I want to give a special recognition to our special learners from Joy Town Secondary School in thika, who gave us a 2 day visit. The students and their teachers were so adorable and the amount work they did in the Home was evidence that disability is not inability. They are truly gifted differently.

We have been having a number of friends visiting us in the Home and supporting us by buying food and sundry for us. The list is so long but allow me to thank all of you so very much, for choosing Huruma Children’s Home, Ngong as your place of visit. Barikiweni Sana.

I know things are not that easy to most of us, but in all that, you have gone beyond all odds to support us mentally, emotionally and also financially. Your support is highly appreciated and I want to let you all know that I pray for you and your families for God to always come through for you in your times needs. We as Huruma Family love you and we truly appreciate your love, care and kindness towards us.