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May Updates

School Re-opening After a long Easter holiday our children resumed back to school for another school term. You could tell from their faces that they really had a great time away from the school hustles. They looked relaxed, refreshed and energized to start on a new school term and continue learning and experiencing new things. [...]

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April Updates

School Break The kids finally closed school on 4th April 2019 after a busy long school term. It is a break that was very much awaited for after a having such an intense term due to graduating to new grades as well as getting deep in their studies. Also it's a term that our kids [...]

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March 2019 Updates

CELEBRATION OF A 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Anniversaries are special occasions as they commemorate the beginning of beautiful things and occasions in life. The Affable Family, who are friends of the Home celebrated their 3rd anniversary with our children which was a fun filled event. The Home hosted around 150 guests on 2nd March 2019 where they cooked lots [...]

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Focusing on excellence – February 2019 Update

Academic and mentorship day In Kenya, education is a very important factor in a child's life and success is measured by good performance in school. As a school it is a month where we conducted an academic assessment for all subjects our children are undertaking to assess on whether they are progressing as they should as per the [...]

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Mama Zipporah Medical Support

As you would have seen on Huruma Children’s Home Social media platforms, our mum has been unwell for a while. Many of you might not know but on October 2018 she slipped in the bathroom but God is good she did not fall. As a result of the slip she experienced some pain in her [...]

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January updates . 2019

SCHOOL IS BACK We are ready for this new year and we continue with our theme for the year of "Being Grateful Not Wasteful". Teachers are ready for their students in regards to impacting knowledge and making them productive and responsible citizens. We thank you all for the great support in 2018 and also in 2019 [...]

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Graduates in Transition and our Christmas Wish – November 2018

NATIONAL EXAMINATIONS It was a marathon of exams! We started with Grade 8 examinations commonly referred to as the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (KCPE) which took 3 days only. On the 5th of November the Grade 12 candidates started their examinations commonly referred to as the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations (KCSE). For 15 [...]

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What is K.C.S.E and K.C.P.E Exam?

KCSE stands for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, which is taken at the completion of Secondary Education. It’s a very important exam because it’s an entrance requirement for all Kenyan Universities or Colleges. This exam is taken by all Form 4 students nationwide and the grade attained determines your qualification to join an institution of [...]

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