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SCHOOL RESUMES. Our kids resumed back to their normal school activities after having a long two months holiday.  Our kids were excited to be back to school as each of them was proceeding to the next grade. Our teachers were not left out and they were all eager to resume back to the classroom and [...]

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Santa Month-December Updates.

CHRISTMAS CAROLS Christmas is a fun and jolly season and our kids were not left out in experiencing the joy that comes with birth of Christ Jesus. Our dancers were invited to one of the major shopping malls in Kenya known as The Hub which is located in Karen, Nairobi. Here they got to present [...]

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November Updates

Holiday is here. The school broke for the long holidays which involves a 10 weeks break from the usual school activities. All our children were really excited to go on a break after such busy school term despite it being a short one. Holidays are fun and it means spending more time with family, friends and guardians. The [...]

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October Updates

GlaxoSmithKline Visit It was such a beautiful day seeing one of our major Pharmaceutical Company’s visit our Home here in Kenya. GlaxoSmithKline is a British multinational company and is a leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare establishment with its branch here in Kenya. It was such a sight as they visited us on a sports day when all our [...]

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September Updates

School Resumes Finally, the August holiday came to an end and all our kids and team members resumed back to school. The kids looked rested and happier after having a four-week break from school. Our teachers also came back energized and ready for another school term. Our kids who remained at the Orphanage during break [...]

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August Updates

August Holiday. The school broke for the August 2019 holidays on 1 st August 2019. The children were really excited to go on break as this meant spending more time at home away from the normal school schedule. This is a time where most of our children leave the Home to spend  time  with guardians, [...]

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July Updates

Mama returns back home. We are so happy that our mum Mama Zipporah returned back home safely after her medical trip in India. As you all know our mum travelled to India in mid-May 2019 for a medical trip aimed at rectifying her spinal cord. We are grateful to God as since Mama returned from [...]

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May Updates

School Re-opening After a long Easter holiday our children resumed back to school for another school term. You could tell from their faces that they really had a great time away from the school hustles. They looked relaxed, refreshed and energized to start on a new school term and continue learning and experiencing new things. [...]

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April Updates

School Break The kids finally closed school on 4th April 2019 after a busy long school term. It is a break that was very much awaited for after a having such an intense term due to graduating to new grades as well as getting deep in their studies. Also it's a term that our kids [...]

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March 2019 Updates

CELEBRATION OF A 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Anniversaries are special occasions as they commemorate the beginning of beautiful things and occasions in life. The Affable Family, who are friends of the Home celebrated their 3rd anniversary with our children which was a fun filled event. The Home hosted around 150 guests on 2nd March 2019 where they cooked lots [...]

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