GlaxoSmithKline Visit
It was such a beautiful day seeing one of our major Pharmaceutical Company’s visit our Home here in Kenya. GlaxoSmithKline is a British multinational company and is a leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare establishment with its branch here in Kenya. It was such a sight as they visited us on a sports day when all our pupils were wearing their different tracksuits. The team from GlaxoSmithKline were all dressed in orange t-shirts and sport pants; thus, our school really looked colourful this day. The team engaged our pupils and students in various fun activities in regard to our kids respective ages. They engaged our
young ones in lots of singing games and colouring as well as in various kids’ sports. The older kids enjoyed fun and educative mentorship sessions which were conducted according to the genders. This was really helpful as the visiting team got to engage our older kids in the various areas that affect them in their teenage years. This day was wrapped up with snacks and lots of goodies as well as gifts brought to the Home. Blessings to GlaxoSmithKline as they continue improving the quality of human life here in Kenya


Mama Zipporah Returns Home
As you all know, our mum was on a medical trip to India where she endured a Stem Cell Transplant. We are thankful to God that the procedure was successful, and Mama got to return home on 20th October 2019. The procedure was quite a challenge, but we are grateful to one of our Mothers by the name Aunty Lina who accompanied Mama to India and supported her through the hard and difficult times. May God bless her kind heart. Mama is currently recuperating well, and she is regaining her strength back day by day. She is also now trying to walk on her own without the help of a stick, and for this, we are grateful to God. We, in Huruma, are seeing God’s miracles through Mama and we believe that Mama will tell of her story and encourage others going through the same health challenge. The kids are ecstatic to have their mum back and you can tell by how relaxed and happy they look. Thank you for standing with Mama through prayers and your resources. May God truly bless all of you.

Candidates Day Out
Our grade 8 and grade 12 students were treated for delicious lunches out by Sara Ghali, Director of Hope for Huruma Foundation. The candidates got to enjoy time out off their normal school schedules which was really important for them. Our grade 8 pupils are transitioning to high school, and the grade 12 students are transitioning to higher institutions of learning. The two grades will be sitting for their final examinations in their respective grades which is a nationwide exercise. For the grade 12s, the examination results will help the government in placing them in the various colleges and universities in regard to each student’s performance. We wish all our candidates the best of luck as they sit for their final national examinations.

Young Champions
All work and no play make one dull, be it, boy or a girl . We, as a School and Home, are encouraging our boys and girls to engage in various sporting activities as a form of exercising their bodies as well as relaxation from books. We are happy to see them participating in the various sports activities in our school such as soccer (football), volleyball, basketball, card games, athletics and singing games for the young ones. This school term the Red House emerged champions in the ball games where they got to compete with the other three houses, namely Yellow, Blue and Green houses. Heads Up to the Red House! Our members of staff
and the transition students were also not left out and we can say that the competition spirit was really alive and high this school term. We believe that come next school term, our boys and girls will engage more in physical activities offered in the school.