Holiday is here.
The school broke for the long holidays which involves a 10 weeks break from the usual school activities. All our children were really excited to go on a break after such busy school term despite it being a short one. Holidays are fun and it means spending more time with family, friends and guardians. The children left here in the Home are enjoying a lot of free time where they are enjoying different fun activities such as nature walks, dancing, playing, watching movies as well as helping their respective mums in various home chores. It is fun having the kids home and the noise around is music to our ears.

Kenya National Examinations.
Our grade 8 and grade 12 candidates sat for their final national examinations which will usher them in their next education levels. The grade 8 candidates sat for their examinations on the 1 st week of November 2019 which ran for 4 days. The grade 12 candidates followed and their examinations ran for three weeks. The students were a bit tense when the exams were starting but with time they eased into the system and we are happy to say that they finished their examinations successfully. Mama made their day as she struggled to walk up to school for a photo session with the candidate and their teachers. Our grade 8 candidates will transition to high school and our grade 12 candidates will be placed in various higher institutions of learning by the government in regards to their individual performance.

Transition 2020.
Huruma Children’s Home transitioned another batch of students from the Orphanage. We are thankful to one of our partner and friend Andra Good together with Leigh’s Mission who have ensured that our kids transitioning from the Home have foodstuff and the basic supplies as they exit to Mama Leigh Ann Home, their new home for the next 12 months. It was sad seeing our kids whom we have been with for years leave the Home to start life on their own. We have equipped them with adequate life skills lessons as well as impacted their lives with many lessons which they will apply once out there on their own. Mama said a prayer for each one of them and wished them a mother’s blessing over their lives. and blessing them. We wish them all the best as they start life on their own as young adults.