School Re-opening

After a long Easter holiday our children resumed back to school for another school term. You could tell from their faces that they really had a great time away from the school hustles. They looked relaxed, refreshed and energized to start on a new school term and continue learning and experiencing new things. The teachers were not left out as they also had a few weeks of rest and time with family and friends. It is great having resumed back to school activities and all I can say that it is really quiet here at  home with all our kids up in school. We wish them and their teachers a fruitful, successful and fun 2nd school term 2019.










Mama Zipporah’s Medical Trip Abroad

As you all know our Mum has being having health challenges since the beginning of this year. In February she was diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer known as Multiple Myeloma which weakens a person’s bones. Due to this her spinal vertebrae was affected and as a result a few of the vertebrae bones were fractured. As a result this made it impossible for Mama to walk on her own and she was in excruciating pain most of the time. As a result she had to undergo an emergency surgery to fix the spinal bone and as a Home we opted to fly her out to India as doing it in Kenya was a bit expensive. The surgery went was successful and she is currently undergoing physiotherapy sessions to make her mobile again. We are thankful to all of you our friends and partners for the prayers and financial support you have shown towards this mission. May God bless you abundantly and know that we are always praying for you.















Weka Smiles Foundation

Weka Smiles Foundation is a foundation that aims at putting smiles on the less fortunate. “Weka” is Swahili for “Put” thus as the name states they really put beautiful and warm smiles in our children’s faces. This is a foundation that comprises of young people and it was invited to the Home by a former child of the Home by the name Jacinta Kagai who is a 4th year student at Kenyatta University. She is also a member of this foundation and thus they gave our kids beautiful smiles and memories on this day. They shared snacks and drinks with the kids, games and fun activities, a delicious dinner and lastly lots of dancing and fun in our main chapel. As their names says, they really put smiles on our kids this month.












This month was really a blessed and fun month as it saw Mama’s former kids coming together and giving the current kids a beautiful day. It was great seeing the joy and warmth around the place and we they shared a lot of memories of when they were growing up. They cooked a lot of foods for the kids as well as engaged in some cleaning activities to better the Home. They topped it up by giving the kids a beautiful evening which was filled with lots of dance, presentations and lastly they shared a meal together. This night was ended with some heavy rainfall which in our African culture is a good sign that things went well. Thank you Mama’s kids for putting some beautiful smiles in our kid’s face.



“A mother is like flower each one beautiful and unique”. This is a day that celebrates all mothers in the world and it makes mums feel special and loved. Here in Huruma we celebrate by giving all our mums a special Sunday where they sing and dance with the children. It is so special a day that a mum can get lots of hugs for the day and beautiful and warm words from the children. Mama Zipporah was also not left out despite her health condition as she was presented with a beautiful cake by some friends of the Home. We are grateful to have many mums here in Huruma and they are all special and unique in their own individual ways.