I want to greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus. I  praise God  for the safety He has given me, my family  and you our friends and partners. I can say that God has been our EBENEZER through out this year. He has been supplying all our needs according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus. He fought many battles on my behalf and His mighty hand has been on my side.

I hope that God has done the same for you and your families through this year. We as Huruma Family treasure you so much and we always pray for you all.


We have completed with our first school term which runs from January to March 2024. It has been a successful term where our learners and teachers have worked tirelessly towards accomplishing their academic goals and targets. I take this opportunity to thank all our teachers, support staff and learners for maiking this school term a success.

Every learner is doing all they can to be the best academically, physically, socially, emotionally as well as mentally. This includes maintaining good discipline both in school and at home, engagging in various sport activities, create and maintaing healthy relationships and friendships, engaging in various extra curriculum activities organized by thier teachers and matrons as well as keeping a good relationship with God.

Houses competition have also brought out a healthy academic environment amongst the learners which is accomplished by working in groups and teams with an aim of accomplishing set targets and timelines of activities. This helps in bringing out a teamwork spirit amongst the learners as well as boosting their academic performance in their respective grades. I believe am nurturing great future leaders of tomorrow and as a mother I am so proud of my children.


This is a term where we got a wonderful surprise where all our children received a new pair of school shoes as well as a sports shoe. A wonderful friend of the Home put a smile on each of our children in March 2024. Most of our children had worn out shoes, so this gift came at the right time. We usually  have learners from the slums in Ngong Town who used to really struggle in buying the correct school attire, inclusive of school shoes. This saddened my heart as there was nothing I could do to assist these struggling families in the slums. I thank God for Mama Ciku who came to our rescue, where she purchased brand new black leather shoes and sport rubber shoes for all the learners in both primary and secondary school. I luck words to express my gratitude for this wonderful gesture of love. Your gift is highly treasured and we shall take care of the shoes.    


During our school breaks the kids were surprised with a trip that was sponsored by the manageme

nt of the Giraffe Centre. D

uring that trip they experienced a safari walk, as well as visited the Mamba (Crocodile) Village and the Giraffe Center. At safari walk, they had the privilege of seeing different types of wild animals where they even got to learn about each animal they saw.

In the Mamba village the children got to see lots of crocodiles, both young and old in their habitat. Like the name Mamba (crocodile), the place is full of crocodiles. They enjoyed watching the crocodiles

and learn something about them.

At Giraffe Center they got to feed the giraffes as well as have an ecological tour.

This trip served us big time since a lot of what they learnt should be covered in our new curriculum in Junior Secondary. We thank the Giraffe Center management for making it happen for our children this April holiday.


This time we were blessed to have Huruma Childrens Trust, Canada visit our Home. The team was led by one, Donna Mansfied, a great friend and partner of the Home for many years. We were so happy to  have them around and spend time with them. The team spent their time making our dormitories beautiful where they painted our rooms again. They also treated all our primary school learners to a trip to the Animal Orphanage where they got to see lots of wild animals especially the Big 5.

I also want to recognize a group of young men and women from an organization known as Humble Helpers. They spent quality time with our children where they also cooked some delicious meal which we enjoyed together. May God bless these young men and women for maiking our children have a wonderful time.

I want also to thank a group of young men who are Manchester United fans for putting smiles on our children during their visit. We thank God for you and the foodstuff that you donated to our Home. God bless you so much.

To all our friends and partners around the world, thank you so much for all your love, care, support and prayers towards our children and Home. Blessings always.