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Anne Sanaipei

Ann Sanaipei She was brought to Huruma after being rescued from a forced marriage. She underwent her Primary and High school studies in Huruma. Currently, she is in the work force after attaining her Diploma in Tourism.

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Paul Maweu

Paul Maweu He joined Huruma Children's Home in 1997 when he was only five months after his mother passed away. He was educated in our Primary and Secondary schools and there after he went through the Transition Programme; he is currently undertaking a Diploma in Theology

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Daniel Kamau

Daniel Kamau Daniel Kamau and his younger brother came to Huruma after their mother passed away in the year 2002. He currently holds a degree in Education and is employed as a teacher in Kenya.

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Moses Ndungu

Moses Ndung'u One of the beneficiaries from the community and he is a college graduate and currently is a consultant.

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David Kariuki

David Kariuki Joined the home at an early age and is a college graduate and works for an agricultural company

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Faith Njoki

Faith Njoki Joined the home at an early age and she is currently pursuing further education in the USA.

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Joseph Kanyiri

Joseph Kanyiri Joined the home at the age of seven years and he graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology and Theology. He is currently a Pastor and actively participates in the Kenyan judicial system.

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