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Phanice Mayuva

Phanice Mayuva History: She joined the home in 2012 when she was in Form 2 (grade 10). She had dropped out of school due to the financial constraints in the family. Through our partners, she was able to complete her secondary education and also join college for her tertiary education. Education: She came [...]

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Paul Maweu

Paul Maweu History: He is the last born in the family of three; his firstborn brother Kevin (deceased) and Oliver. They all came to Huruma in the year 1996 after the death of their mother when Paul was just 5 months old. His mother died as she was feeding him and the father [...]

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Moses Ndungu

Moses Ndung'u History: He dropped out of primary school due to financial constraints in his family. He then became a street boy at this young age and started selling plastic paper bags in the market. One day Mama Zipporah was at the market to buy food for the children at home when she [...]

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Everline Yasire

Everlyne Yasire History: She came to the home in the year 2008. She was married to one old man of 72 years. She was then rescued and brought to the home by one of her brothers. Since then she has been staying in Huruma even during school breaks until this year of 2021. [...]

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Mary Githiga

Mary N. Githiga History: She is the sister to Jackline Githiga. She joined the home back in the year 2001. This was after the death of her mother who was ill for sometimes. After the death of their mother, she didn’t have any financial support to go on with her education. They were [...]

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Jackline Wanjiku Githiga

Jackline W. Githiga History: She is a big sister to Mary Nyambura. She joined the home back in the year 2001. Their mother was sick and she wasn’t at a good position to provide education for the kids. After her Mother’s death she came together with her sister to Huruma Children’s Home. She [...]

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Eunice Wangui

Eunice Wangui History: She came to the home in 2008 together with her 3 siblings. Eunice came to the after the rejection by their family after the passing of their mother. She was brought by the friends of the home. Through the home, she has undergone her primary and secondary education and later [...]

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Julius Kibera

Julius Kibera Mbogo History: He was connected to the home when Mama Zipporah learned about his ill grandmother. He had a good performance record from the primary school he was in. This pleased Mama Zipporah and she promised to take him to secondary school school. She kept the promise and took him to [...]

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Samuel Mwangi

Samuel Mwangi History: He came to Huruma in the in May 2012. His guardian was unable to take him to school due to financial constraints. After staying for a whole year outside school, Mama Zipporah heard about him and he was admitted to our secondary school as a day scholar student. He was [...]

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Robert Nginga

Robert Nginga History: Robert, together with his brother (Dennis Kinyanjui) and sister (Miracle Njeri) joined Huruma Children’s Home-Ngong in the year 1999. This was after the death of their mother who was a single mother. At the time Robert was 4 years, his brother and sister were 3 years old and 6 months [...]

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