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David Otieno

David Otieno Joined the home at the age of thirteen years and he is a Masters degree graduate . He is currently employed in the banking sector.

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David Mburu

David Mburu Joined the home at a tender age of two years and he graduated with a Masters in Accounting in 2019. He currently runs his own consultancy firm.

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Miracle Njeri

Miracle Njeri Joined the home at a tender age of six months and was diagnosed with HIV but miraculously, she was healed and hence her name Miracle. Miracle finished her high school education in 2019 and would like to a pursue a career in Theology.

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Special Gifts

Each package has several monetary points which you can choose and once identified your preferred monetary point kindly inform us which you have chosen: $5: Exercise books $5: Writing materials and Geometrical set $10: Exercise books and writing material $10: 2 rims of printing paper $10: Textbooks $10: Schoolbag $10: Writing materials for [...]

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Clean Water Program

Clean Water Program The Borehole project has addressed the past chronic water shortage in Huruma which was straining both physically and financially. This has ensured that the children have access to clean water which minimizes waterborne diseases within our children. The rising number of children has increased the rate of water consumption in the [...]

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School, Feeding and Accommodation Program

School, Feeding and Accommodation Program The school was initiated by Mama Zipporah when she saw that her children’s educational needs were not being met by the existing public schools. The children had gone through Trauma in their life and they needed extra support for them to excel academically which was not available in the [...]

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