Samuel Mwangi

History: He came to Huruma in the in May 2012. His guardian was unable to take him to school due to financial constraints. After staying for a whole year outside school, Mama Zipporah heard about him and he was admitted to our secondary school as a day scholar student. He was staying then in Ngong (Mathare) slums. The slums environment wasn’t conducive for him to study well and when in Form 4 (Grade 12), Mwangi promised to score a B grade if he would be allowed to board in the home with the other needy children. He was given that chance and he stayed to his promise.

Education: He did not attend his primary education in our school but he joined Ngong Huruma secondary school in May 2012 and graduated in 2014. Later he undertook a degree in Bachelors of Education (Mathematics & Physics) at the Mount Kenya University where he graduated in 2020.

Occupation: He currently works at the Ngong Huruma secondary school as a Deputy Principal.