August Holiday.
The school broke for the August 2019 holidays on 1 st August 2019. The children were
really excited to go on break as this meant spending more time at home away from the
normal school schedule. This is a time where most of our children leave the Home to
spend  time  with guardians,  friends and family. The ones left here in the Home got to
enjoy lots of free time where they engaged in lots of different fun activities. Though
few in numbers the Home still felt  like a full house as the kids were running all over
the place. Our team members were also not left out as they got to  enjoy  some  time
away from the normal schedules both in school and at home















Daily Vocational Bible Study.
Our children got to enjoy a one week Daily Vocational Bible Study (DVBS) at Christ
Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM). This is a ministry outreach churches provide to
educate children about God. The purpose of DVBS is to incorporate themed activities
that entertain kids with the chance to learn about God as well as offer an opportunity
for them to interact with other kids. All our primary school kids got to enjoy this year’s
DVBS at CITAM church and they got to learn new things as well as make new
friends. Even the young ones were not left out and this gave them an opportunity to get                                                                           a feel for camp without having to go away overnight.















Leigh Mission Visit.
A long time partner of the Home by the name Andra Good came this year with a
team of 3 volunteers where they got a chance to interact with our current grade 12
students as well as the current transition team. Leigh Mission main objective is to help
our grade 12 students transition from life in the Home to life on your own where  they
help Mama Zipporah settle them in their own homes. This year they got to train the
grade  12  students on various life skills  as well as  teach  them more on a healthy
financial lifestyle. The team got to engage the current transition team in various
out and indoor activities. Apart from their mission the team got to volunteer in
leading the devotions here in the Home which was really a need especially now that
Mama is still in recuperation. The kids really enjoyed having the team around as they
also got to enjoy movies and goodies together. It was such a blessing having Leigh.                                                                                Mission with us during this August holiday.

 Mama Leigh Ann’s Home.
Leigh Mission is currently undertaking a construction project of homes for the
transition students. This is such a noble cause as it wants to ensure that our transition
kids have a safe, clean and warm place to call a home after life in Huruma Children’s
Home. The home is meant to provide shelter for 12 months for our kids after grade 12
as they prepare to join various institutions of higher learning. Currently 4 units are
complete and are already occupied by the current transition team. Construction of 2
more units commenced this August and we are blessed that now the home will have a
total of 6 units by the end of this year. Thank you Leigh Mission for all your support
with love towards our children and Home.