Miracle Njeri

History: Miracle was 6 months old when she came to Huruma Home, together with her 2 brothers, in the year 1999. After the demise of her mother they were left in the care of their grandmother who was advanced in age and hence referred them to Huruma Home. She was HIV-positive and very weak when she came to Huruma, but through prayers, she was healed and tested HIV-negative hence the name Miracle.
Education: She did her primary and secondary studies level at the Ngong Huruma Primary and Secondary School where she sat her final secondary KCSE in the year 2019. She would like to pursue a career in Theology once she gets admission in a tertiary institution of higher learning.
Occupation: Miracle has served in Huruma Chapel Ngong as a Choir member and as a Junior pastor. She’s now joining College to take a course in Theology.