Success Stories

Below are some of the success stories that we believe are living testimonies of the goodness and faithfulness of our God.

Moses Kariuki

History: Moses, a brother to Elizabeth Kawira, joined the Home in 2007. His mother was terminally sick and could not afford to pay school fees hence coming to the Home.
Education: He did his primary and secondary studies courtesy of Huruma Trust Fund. After graduating from secondary school, Moses got admission at the Maseno University where he graduated on December 2015 with Bachelors in Business Administration (with IT).
Occupation: He has worked with several companies and he still working in Kenya in the transport industry.

Elizabeth Kawira

History: She came to Huruma Home in the year 2007, together with her brother Moses Kariuki, because their terminally ill parent was unable to take them to school.
Education: She did her primary studies at the Ngong Huruma Primary School and later went to a public secondary school through the sponsorship of Hope for Huruma Foundation. After high school studies she was enrolled at the University of Kabianga through the sponsorship of I am Huruma College Fund and graduated on March 2021 with Bachelors of Environmental Studies (Conservation).
Occupation: Now Elizabeth works as a clerk in a company called Samantha Associates.

Peter Kiragu

History: Peter is from a poor background. He used to live in the city slums together with his single mother and his other two brothers. He didn’t attend primary school in Huruma but he had passed well in his primary education and he didn’t have anyone to take him to secondary school. He was referred to the home in the year 2011 by one of the friends of the home.
Education: Kiragu undertook secondary studies at the Ngong Huruma Secondary School through sponsorship by the Huruma Trust Fund, graduating from secondary school in the year 2014. He later joined St Paul’s University and graduated on October 2020 with a Diploma in Journalism which was sponsored by I am Huruma College Fund.
Occupation: Currently he works as a Communications Officer at the Huruma Trust Fund.

Andrew Kamau Mwaura

History: He is the son to the late Monicah, who was working at the home as social worker. He came to Huruma in 1999 since his mother was our worker and was a close friend of the home. At his third year in secondary school, his mother got ill and passed away when he was in his fourth year. This was hard to him but he remained focused.
Education: He undertook both primary and secondary level studies at the Ngong Huruma Primary and Secondary Schools. Being one of the brightest students, he got admission at the Mt Kenya University where he is pursuing his degree in BSc. of Education (Mathematics & Physics) under sponsorship of I am Huruma College Fund. Andrew is expected to graduate in 2021.
Occupation: He is currently a teacher at the Ngong Huruma Secondary School.

Daniel Kamau

History: Daniel and his younger were left orphans after their mother, who was a single parent, passed away on June 2002. The children were left in the care of their maternal aunt but her husband did not accept the children. Hence, the children were left in the care of an old woman in Majengo slums as accommodation was being sought after by their mother’s friend in any charitable organization. They were later admitted in Huruma Children’s Home (Ngong).
Education: He underwent his primary studies at the Ngong Huruma Primary School and later joined Oloolaiser Boys High School for his secondary education. Afterwards he got admission at the Mount Kenya University where he graduated on August 2015 with a degree in BA in Education.
Occupation: After graduation he worked as a teacher at the Ngong Huruma Secondary School for a while and later got employed as a high school teacher by the Government of Kenya.

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