Success Stories

Below are some of the success stories that we believe are living testimonies of the goodness and faithfulness of our God.

Everlyne Yasire

History: She came to the home in the year 2008. She was married to one old man of 72 years. She was then rescued and brought to the home by one of her brothers. Since then she has been staying in Huruma even during school breaks until this year of 2021. Her two brothers came for her and she got that opportunity to go and visit her relatives back at home. Everlyne is now a mature lady since she has graduated from her high school.

Education: She attended both her primary and secondary education at Ngong Huruma Schools where she was in the K.C.S.E. class of year 2020. She is looking forward to joining college probably by next year 2022.

Occupation: She is currently a member of the transition group of 2021 and she works in Mama’s kitchen as a cook.

Mary N. Githiga

History: She is the sister to Jackline Githiga. She joined the home back in the year 2001. This was after the death of her mother who was ill for sometimes. After the death of their mother, she didn’t have any financial support to go on with her education. They were then brought to Huruma for education and Mama Zipporah supported her and her sister by educating them. Since we didn’t have our secondary school by then, she just attended her primary school in Ngong Huruma primary school and later attended an outside school for secondary.

Education: She got her primary education from Ngong Huruma primary school and her secondary education at the Kiseryan Girls Seniors. She later enrolled at the A.C.K Emmanuel E.C.D.E College where she undertook Early Childhood Development Education (E.C.D.E.) course.

Occupation: She works as a head of lower primary section at our primary school.

Jackline W. Githiga

History: She is a big sister to Mary Nyambura. She joined the home back in the year 2001. Their mother was sick and she wasn’t at a good position to provide education for the kids. After her Mother’s death she came together with her sister to Huruma Children’s Home. She went through education courtesy of Hope for Huruma foundation and now she is a mature and responsible lady working and residing in Dubai.

Education: She attended Ngong Huruma primary school and for her secondary education at the Elerai M.C.K Girls, Sultan Hamud. Later she enrolled at the Zetech University for her college education where she undertook a Diploma in Hospitality Management and she finished the course in the year 2013.

Occupation: She works as a restaurant supervisor in Dubai.

Eunice Wangui

History: She came to the home in 2008 together with her 3 siblings. Eunice came to the after the rejection by their family after the passing of their mother. She was brought by the friends of the home. Through the home, she has undergone her primary and secondary education and later joined college.

Education: She attended Ngong Huruma Primary and Secondary schools. Later she enrolled at the Hekima College and graduated in the year 2019 with a diploma in Front Office Operations and Administration courtesy of I AM HURUMA COLLEGE FOUNDATION.

Julius Kibera Mbogo

History: He was connected to the home when Mama Zipporah learned about his ill grandmother. He had a good performance record from the primary school he was in. This pleased Mama Zipporah and she promised to take him to secondary school school. She kept the promise and took him to Thika high school. His performance in secondary school continued to be amazing and he graduated there with a Grade A. He joined university courtesy of Mama Zipporah.

Education: He didn’t study for his primary and secondary education in Huruma. Moreover, he did his tertiary education at the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology where he graduated with two degrees; Bachelors in Telecommunication and Information Technology (graduated in April 2018) and Bachelors Electrical and Electronic Engineering (graduated in April 2019).

Current status: He is a businessman in Thika town, Kenya.

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