The Wall of Love

The Wall of Love

Since ancient times, a wall is a symbol of protection and security. In Huruma, the wall has not only been a symbol of protection and security but also of care and love. The wall constantly reminds the children that Mama cares for their well being. Huruma Children’s Home with the assistance of well-wishers built the first phase of the brick wall.

This kept the intruders out and the children felt safe and secure within the home. Currently, in Kenya, there are road projects going on around the country and it has affected many people including Huruma. Mid-January 2019, the road construction workers demolished the wall to pave way for a prospective new road.

To quickly mitigate this problem, friends of the home donated money to buy a chain link fence as we work towards building a brick one again. We are grateful for the current fence and we need to enhance it by building a brick wall. We are calling out to you to help us build the wall of love. We are inviting you to be part of rebuilding this wall of love.

  • For $5 you will help purchase a brick
  • For $75 you will help purchase a bag of cement
  • For $450 will help purchase a lorry of sand

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