School Resumes
Finally, the August holiday came to an end and all our kids and team members resumed back to school. The kids looked rested and happier after having a four-week break from school. Our teachers also came back energized and ready for another school term. Our kids who remained at the Orphanage during break were excited to see their friends back from the holiday. The first week of school was quite interesting as all kids shared personal stories of how they spent the holiday. We are grateful to God that all our kids and team members came back to school safe and healthy, and enthusiastic for the final school term this year. This is also a school term when our kids are preparing to move to higher grade levels next year, which is a great milestone for our kids.















Be Grateful, Not Wasteful
Be Grateful, Not Wasteful has been our Home and School theme the whole of this year. It has really helped our kids and team members appreciate the little and big resources given to us. This concept was introduced to us by a great friend of the Home by the name Susan Cousineau. The kids and team members have positively embraced it. This concept has taught of os us how to be responsible with everything under our care. Our kids have learned how to take good care of their school supplies as well as their personal belongings. We are also more conscientious with our food, as well as use of electricity and water. The kids are enjoying this theme as they are learning a great deal on how to be responsible and being better  guardians of their things.











Mama’s Health Update
Mama is recuperating well, and we are thankful to God that her spine is healing well and now walking on stick. As you all know Mama was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a rare cancer of the blood cells. Consequently, she was scheduled to do a Stem Transplant once the cancer cells were on remission. Again, we as a Huruma family are grateful to God as the cancer cells went in to total remission which meant that Mama was ready for the procedure. On 3rd September 2019, Mama Zipporah left for India accompanied by Pastor Jojo, a former child of the Home, and Ms. Linah, one of our mothers here in the Home. We are happy to share that the stem transplant was successful and now Mama is recuperating well. She is scheduled to return to Kenya on 20th October 2019 and we are patiently awaiting for her return back home. The kids are excited to have their Mom back home as they have truly missed her presence and love


Brothers Day
Our kids were treated to a lovely surprise by Religious Brothers from the Catholic Church based in our village. The Brothers arrived early morning to prepare and cook lunch for our kids as well as assist in cleaning up the dormitories and compound. It was such a wonderful sight to see how these Brothers were dedicated in ensuring that our kids have a special day and feel loved by the community. They enjoyed quality time with the kids and mentored the older kids on various aspects of life. The young ones were not left out as they were treated to lots of games and goodies by the Brothers. Our kitchen mums also got a break on this day. They, too, were treated to some time out of the hot kitchen where they serve our children diligently. May God bless these great Religious Brothers as they continue to serve God and the less fortunate in this world.