Our children and teachers resumed learning after enjoying a one month school break in August. Despite schools being on lockdown, we resumed back to school but this time on a different style of learning. The Ministry of Education allowed schools to do outdoor classes and we tried that out, where our teachers utilised the grounds as they looked for good spots for learning. This allowed our teachers to come to school after  being away from the organisation for 4 months. The children were also very excited to have their teachers back and this shows that they really love and appreciate their teachers. E-learning was also very beneficial to our students as they learned how to work in groups as well as do research projects on their own without the help of their teachers. It also brought out. leadership skills in some of our students as they managed their peers on how to go about academics and their teacher’s expectations. Outdoor learning is also beneficial as the teachers are engaging the students in a lot of group discussions as well as one on one teaching. This will help both the students and their teachers bond as well as work together towards achieving each and everyone’s goals and objectives. As schools remain closed, we are grateful to God that we as a Home & School can continue learning.


We as a Home are grateful for Leigh Mission who have truly being a blessing to our Home and mostly to our young adults. Since they become our partners, our children have really benefitted from their generosity, especially through their Transition Housing Care Project. This initiative aims at providing young adults who have completed their high school education with life skills lessons a well as housing kits as they start their new phase in life. In addition to this, Leigh Mission through kind donors has put up a home structure for these students for them to have a place to stay once they transit from the orphanage. Currently the home has 6 complete units where our transition students are living as they await to join higher institutions of learning. We are in the process of completing two other units, where we shall have a total of 8 complete units in the transition home. The commencement of the construction project has offered a work opportunity for our big boys especially the ones not in colleges, where they are working hand in hand with the constructor. We thank God for one, Andra Good, a good friend of the Home who started this noble and beautiful initiative that is bringing value and meaning to the needy in our country Kenya.












This is a month we saw local visitors patronise our Home and spend time with our children. God has being using different people to donate foodstuff and toiletries to the Home and for this we are grateful to all our local friends and partners. You coming to our Home was a blessings as you made our children feel loved and care for. We truly appreciate you and may God continue to bless you and your families for sharing your time, finances and personal belongings with us.



Finally we thank you all for your love, prayers, financial and emotional support towards our children. We appreciate your selflessness and kindness that you always show us through different ways. May God bless all of you our friends and partners and always know that we value you. Let us continue keeping safe and let us not cease in prayer through these uncertain times. We love you and we as Huruma Family are always praying for you and your families.