You must first print this medical fitness form, have it completed by a medical officer, then upload it when prompted while filling out the secondary school application below.

Secondary School Application

We are pleased to offer you a place in in our school. Ngong Huruma Secondary School is located along Olkeri road, one kilometer away from the main tamac road. It is accessible by matatu route 111 via Ngong and matatu route 126 via Kiserian. The school is a mixed day school and it has all the necessary facilities and experienced staff.
Please bring all the required items as stated.
This form is to be completed by the pupil and parent.
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  • School(s) attended and class(es)

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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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  • Father

  • Mother

  • Guardian


    Uniforms for Boys
    • Grey trouser
    • Sky blue short sleeved shirt
    • Grey pull-over
    • Blue/White stripped tie
    • Black leather shoes
    • Grey blue/white stripped socks
    • Rubber shoes for games
    Uniforms for Girls
    • Grey skirts
    • Sky blue short sleeved blouse Grey pull-over
    • Blue/White stripped tie Black leather shoes
    • White socks Rubber shoes for games


    Day Students
    TUTION FEE 10,000 10,000 10,000 30,000
    LIBRARY FEE 1,000 - - 1,000
    COMPUTER FEE 1,000 - - 1,000
        TOTAL 12,000 10,000 10,000 32,000
    Boarding Students
    TUTION FEE 10,000 10,000 10,000 30,000
    BOARDING FEE 5,000 5,000 5,000 15,000
    LIBRARY FEE 1,000 - - 1,000
    COMPUTER FEE 1,000 - - 1,000
        TOTAL 17,000 15,000 15,000 47,000
    NB: The money for uniform is not included in the fees structure. Lunch time food provided free of charge for day scholars. TEXT BOOKS – the school will provide the required text books.


    School fees is payable through Bankers Cheque, and Money Orders or through direct payment into the school’s account at: BANK: EQUITY BANK ACCOUNT NAME: HURUMA TRUST FUND ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0730299226557

    Official receipts must be produced for all payments.
    Personal cheques will be accepted on condition that the receipt is issued after the cheque is cleared.


    General School Rules and Discipline Home and School rules must be respected by the whole Home and School. In this way, we can benefit from both the Home and School with an excellent atmosphere in which to study and enjoy ourselves.


    • Students must be in their official school uniforms at all times they are in school and during official school outings and functions. Civilian clothes are not allowed in school.
    • Students are expected to be in their proper games kit when taking part in games or P.E. sessions.
    • Students are expected to keep the school compound clean. No litter should be dropped carelessly.
    • Students are expected to be clean and tidy and maintain proper personal hygiene.
    • Students are expected to keep their hair short and neat and no fancy shavings will be allowed e.g. Jordan, Box e.t c.
    • Respect for others, adults, and students at all times.
    • Respect for one.
    • Respect for the property of others, that of the Home and School, and also, one's own personal belongings.
    • Listen to others and the teachers.
    • Do not speak at the same time as others.
    • Raise one's hand and wait one's turn to speak.
    • Be kind, do not hurt, do not mock and do not fight.
    • Be polite.
    • Do not use bad or insulting language.


    • I keep my belongings tidy, for example: - my schoolbooks, my school backpack, and my cloths.
    • I ask permission before using someone else's belongings and I return them promptly.
    • I only bring to school that which is necessary: - no toys nor money.
    • I take care of school materials, especially books and furniture in the classroom.
    • I do not copy and I do not cheat.
    • I do not disturb my friends.
    • I agree to share or to lend.
    • I never run in the classroom.
    • I raise my hand and wait for my turn to speak.
    • I keep the classroom and my belongings clean and tidy.
    • I keep the toilet rooms clean and I flush the toilet once done.
    • Disputes among the students or misunderstandings should be referred to the Principal or teacher on duty or any other teacher available in case the former are not available
    • Fighting in school is a very serious offense. If hit or abused, do not hit back or abuse. Go and report it.
    • Kitchen and staff room are out of bound for all students, unless authorized by a teacher.
    • You are expected to carry out whatever duty allocated to you diligently
    • No food substance are allowed in school from outside.
    • Students must respect authority and be polite, kind and friendly to all.
    • English is the only official language in school. Use of mother tongue, “sheng” or any other unauthorized language at any given time is verily punishable.
    • Show courtesy to all people at all times and learn to follow the standards of the school.


    • Students who wish to be out of school for any reason must obtain a leave-out pass from the relevant authorities in school. Any students who leave the school without permission shall be suspended from school. One should return the leave out pass to the teacher on duty.
    • Opening day must be observed and any student who reports later will be punished or sent back home.
    • School programs should be strictly followed by being conversant with it. You should find yourself always at the right place at the right time.
    • Respond to bells at all times punctually and responsibly. Hard work is a must for each and every student.


    • Any student who falls sick when school while in school will be expected to consult the Principal so that you can be given a note to attend our medical clinic.
    • Parents shall be consulted by the school authority in case any serious measures need to be taken.
    • If a student falls sick at home, his parent or guardian should report to the school immediately.
    • Medical report shall be required on reporting.
    • Any student who has a particular health problem should bring with him the doctor’s letter.


    • Taking any form of drugs e.g. cigarettes, alcohol, bhang etc is strictly prohibited within and outside the school. Use of drugs will lead to expulsion.
    • Students are expected to observe any other rules not specified above, but may come into force from the school administration any time.
    • Any student who is suspended for any reason must report back accompanied by the parent.
    • Drug abuse as well as pornographic materials are among the things which will lead to direct expulsion from the school.


    • No mobile phones and Sim cards are allowed in school. Any found with either or both shall be relieved of them and/or expelled.
    • Radios, Earphones, Portable DVD’s, Laptops and I pods are strictly not allowed in school and my lead to an expulsion.


    School performance in Academic 60% and above in every subject
    Hobbies Likes and dislikes
    House hold chores Performance
    Social life Relation with others
    Christian Walk Christian values



  • In consideration of Participation in Huruma Children’s Home, I the undersigned, agree to the following statements. 1. I release Huruma Children’s Home, its staff, partners and volunteers of any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, accident, death, ransom, damage or loss to my physical being of belongings which maybe sustained during my stay at Huruma Children’s Home, Ngong. 2. I give Huruma Children’s Home, its staff, partners and volunteers permission to act in my best interest in case of an emergency. I further authorize Huruma Children’s Home to take me to any doctor for medical treatment, emergency, hospitalization or care as need arises.
  • Declaration by the Student:

  • I declare that l have read, understood and will abide by all the rules and regulations as stated above. I shall take full responsibility for my failure to abide by these rules and regulations as stipulated, and accept all the consequences thereafter.

    I also understand that in all school matters, the school administration ‘s decision shall be taken as final
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