It’s a day we shall never forget.  I never dreamt of one of my children having their wedding in our Home. But this was a choice for Pastor Jojo who joined Huruma Children’s Home when he was only 7 years old together with his siblings.  He is friendly in nature and willing to take up challenges especially when our Dad, Pastor Isaac Kamau went to be with the Lord.  Pastor Jojo took up the challenge of Spiritual Leadership within the Home amidst my many kids 10 years ago. In 2017 on Christmas day he showed up with the love his life Esther for introduction and blessing. They spent a whole day in Huruma and we all fell in love with Esther. They had a glamorous wedding on the 8th of December 2018 where Esther joined our large family. May God bless the Union and May He bless them with a lot of children like Mama Zipporah!


My wish list was for my children to sing Christmas carols at the Hub Mall in Karen. God granted me the wish and the children got an invite     from the HUB management. We were there for three days performing. It was one of the best Christmas gift one could have given us as we were able to join the Kenyan community at large with the Joy of Christmas. To Crown it all the Management visited the Home with Christmas goodies which was accompanied With a lot of cup cakes.


Rotary Club Ngong hired two buses to take all our children even the babies to Mamba (Crocodile) Village in Karen for a  day out.  It was epic because even the Rotarians families were not left out. They did not only take the children for a day out but also provided a delicious lunch for all the kids accompanied with lots of goodies and gifts. You could have seen the kids happiness through their smiles and joy. The kids also enjoyed a tour in the Giraffe center. For once there was total silence in Huruma, something we have never experience in a long time.



Everyone loves Christmas and as a Home we didn’t want to be left behind this festive season. A lot of visitors came to spend Christmas with us which made us joyful. This is when God smiled on us and made sure that each kid had a gift to open on Christmas day.  It has been my tradition to cook every Christmas season and everyone looks forward for this special day. This time round I extended this tradition by four days thus the children got to enjoy some delicious meals these four days! We all enjoyed more than we expected. On new year’s eve many of our children turned up even those who are working.  Isaiah, one of our children and his team of Gospel Family were not left out.  We danced till the wee hours of morning as we ushered in the New Year.  We housed everyone here in the Home and we all enjoyed a hefty breakfast together as a family!


In November grade 8 and grade 12 sat for their national examinations. Nobody knew what to  expect since the government has been moderating the exams and putting new systems in place the last two years.  This has affected all the schools in Kenya both primary and

secondary schools. Am happy this time as our performance was better regardless of the changes done by the government. Most of our kids attained good and average grades which will enable them join various universities, colleges and technical schools. It is our prayer this year we shall perform even better.


Finally we want say thank you so much for coming out in a great way to support the work of Mama Zipporah. Whatever you did however little know that we are grateful. Thanks for making our Christmas bright and giving out in a great way to a child who has so little to give back.   We wish you and your families a beautiful, prosperous and fruitful new year!