Christmas is a fun and jolly season and our kids were not left out in experiencing the joy that comes with birth of Christ Jesus. Our dancers were invited to one of the major shopping malls in Kenya known as The Hub which is located in Karen, Nairobi. Here they got to present Christmas carols to the shoppers patronizing the facility as well as show case their beautiful dance moves. One of our college kids by the name Alex Oduor who is their dance teacher accompanied the team to the mall and we can say that many people were amazed to just watch our kids perform. To crown it all the Hub Management baked yummy cup cakes for our kids to sell and the sales were presented to the Orphanage as a Christmas gift. It was such an interesting experience for our kids as they got to learn on how to be successful sales men and women in future. Our kids got to interact with different people as well as create awareness of the Huruma Children’s Home. We thank the Hub Management team for their support and for making our Christmas beautiful and memorable.


This December the Home enjoyed visits from a  lot of people from different regions in Kenya. It was a month where we recorded a large number of visitors patronizing the Home. The children had such a busy month because no one day passed by without receiving a visitor or visitors in the Home. The Home also got a beautiful surprise from the 2015 class who returned back home as a group after 4 years away from the Home. Mama was thrilled to see her kids back after such a long time. The team cooked a delicious meal for the kids as well as engaged them in various fun activities. They also motivated the kids that they can also make it after life in Huruma Children’s Home as most of the team were doing very well in their personal lives. All the visitors who visited the Home encouraged the kids on never giving up on life despite what they were going through in life. Spending time with our kids during this festive season was much welcomed as our kids felt loved and cared for by the local community. Our kids enjoyed many gifts in kind but more so a lot of love went round during this month of December 2019.


What is Christmas without a tree! Our kids had fun decorating our Christmas trees with beautiful ribbons, shiny balls and lighting. Our dining hall and church looked spectacular and this reminded us of the Christmas spirit during this month. Mama bought a gift for each and every child which was a surprise to be opened up on Christmas morning.  We had a beautiful Christmas Eve service which was led by our upcoming young pastor by the name Paul Maweo who joined the Orphanage when he was 3 months old. On Christmas morning the kids were presented with their gift bags and they were thrilled opening up their gifts that morning. The smiles on their faces was touching as Mama made them experience Christmas as any other child in the world. Despite her health challenges Mama cooked a hefty and delicious meal for the kids and staff working on this day which was topped up by a delicious scoop of ice cream for everyone. Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and as an Orphanage we experienced all this as Huruma Family.


As a Home we want to say thank you to everyone who made our December beautiful. You really put smiles on our kids faces and your kindness and love made our children feel loved and cared for. To all our friends and partners from different parts of the world may God bless you abundantly for your beautiful Christmas messages and for making our month beautiful. We are always praying for you and know that we are blessed to have as part of my big family. To the new friends we made this Christmas, know that we are blessed to have met you and we appreciate the beautiful memories we made together this month. Thank you ALL for loving, caring and supporting our children.


Family is not defined by our genes, it is built and maintained through love.