The inspiring story of a woman who is not just known to many as a mother but a mother to the motherless.  God healed her of a cardiac problem while she was hospitalized at Kenyatta National Hospital and bursting in excitement for her miracle she asked God to make her a blessing to others and give her children to raise. Little did she know that like in Prophet Isaiah’s time God was looking for someone to send.

It was in 1990 when Mama Zipporah and her late husband Pastor Isaac opened their home to the orphaned children and since then the ministry has  grown in leaps and bounds. It has been a long journey but Mama Zipporah calls it a ministry of faith because throughout this vision God has walked with her and provided for her children in abundance.

When you walk into Huruma Children’s Home the atmosphere suddenly changes. From tiny little bundles of joy to young energetic boys and girls, these lovely children find love and comfort in the arms of one woman whose heart beats for the orphaned child. She sings and dances with them, prays with them and even spends sleepless nights nursing the little babies who share a room with her. To her children are a heritage from God and life would be empty and dull without them. They light up her world beyond words!

Her life story is documented in a captivating book titled Mother to the Motherless, a true memoir of a woman who purposed to rise above the storms of life, abuse and poverty and become an inspiration to the hopeless and a voice for those too young. Get your copy of Mama Zipporah’s book today to find out more about this woman of faith.

Mama Zipporah