This is a month when schools were to resume for the second school term as per our Kenyan school calendar. Apparently due to the current Covid 19 pandemic our students started the school month at home as schools in Kenya are still shut down to curb the spread of the virus. Despite this, we are excited as the month of May started with us experiencing new ways of how to ensure that learning continues at home with an aim of ensuring that all our students are busy and occupied while at home. It is a month that saw us introduce online learning through various online educational platforms. This saw both our teachers and students occupied with school work as well as enabled us to well understand what online learning is all about. It has been one exciting journey as we try to deal with various hiccups along the way but we are grateful to God that it is going on well and the students are excited about this new way of learning. This has made the students know how to learn on their own through engaging in a lot of research work as well as a lot of critical thinking. Currently, schools in Kenya are experiencing a big move in the educational sector, and we pray that we as a school, are going to help our future leaders explore their hidden capabilities. We wish all our students and teachers well as they manoeuvre through the new normal of learning.


Despite the pandemic, the children got to enjoy a lot of fun and goodies this month. One of the friends of the Home by the name Robyn, gave the children a wonderful surprise of a hefty lunch that entailed of grilled chicken and chips accompanied with a glass of milk for each child. This put beautiful smiles on the kids faces and they really felt loved and care for. It is also a month where one, Sara Ghali, Director of Hope for Huruma Foundation chose to surprise the children by celebrating her birthday with us. It is a day where the children got to enjoy lots of fried chicken and chapati (Kenyan Tortilla) as well as lots of soft drinks. It was a fun moment to remember, as we enjoyed dinner together while celebrating Sara’s life. May God bless her and give her many more birthdays in the years to come. Thank you Robyn and Sara for those wonderful surprises.


We are grateful to God for all our local partners and friends who have not ceased in ensuring that our children have food on their table. Despite this being a challenging economic time, the Home has not failed to see different people donating foodstuff, both dry foodstuff and vegetables as well as sundries to the Home. We have continued experiencing God’s provision through out the month of May, and for this we are really thankful to God. We have settled in to the new normal of physical distancing when visitors patronise our Home as well as encourage all our visitors to always wear masks while presenting their gifts to the children. We also want to take this moment and thank all our international friends and partners all over world for ensuring that our children are well taken care of through our sponsorship program. May God bless all you our friends and partners for loving and caring for us. Always know that you are in our prayers and thoughts and may God keep you safe through these scary times.