On 9th May 2021 Ngong Huruma Schools re-opened its gates to the learners in all grades except the grade 4’s and the grade 8’s who had just sat for their national assessment examinations in March/April 2021. Our school calendar got altered due to the effect of the Covid 19 pandemic in year 2020 and as a result our school terms got affected. Currently we are in our 3rd school term as our learners were out of school for a period of 9 months last year. Our learners are excited to enter into their last school term and they are eager to move into the next grade at the end of this school term. All our teachers are back with us and they are eager to continue facilitating the learning process to the learners. The learners not in school are also busy helping here at home and the dormitory and kitchen mums are happy to have them around. The boys are helping with chopping firewood and caring for the animals and the girls are helping with cleaning and helping with simple chores here and there. We are blessed to have them at home for the next 3 months until they join the next grade come August 2021. We wish all our learners and teachers all the best as they strive to achieve great performace records come the end of this final school term for year 2020/2021.


We are happy as a school, as our learners have embraced back the team competion spirit which is aimed at encouraging positive teamwork through healthy competition. We still have our team colors which are blue, green, yellow and red and each team is headed by a number of team members from various departments, who provide leadership for the teams. This term, our guiding  theme is ” ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AND GENERAL DISCIPLINE” both at home and in school. The theme aim is to encourage the learners to improve on their school performance as well as maintain good behavioural  practices in all areas. The learners have also embraced working in groups where the strong learners are helping the weak learners to pull up in their studies which is really proving helpful in their daily school performance. The main aim of a school team competition is to pick your teammate up which the learners are really doing. The team spirit is really on a high note, and the learners are always eager to hear their scores every week as the school head teachers determine who is the overall winner come the end of the last school term. We wish all our learners and team members the best as they strive  towards being the best as they can be. THE STATE OF COVID 19

We as a home and school thank God that you have been well during this period of the pandemic. All our children are safe  and healthy, and for this we are very grateful to God for His protection over our lives. In Kenya, the pandemic is still raving our country, but the government of Kenya is constantly encouraging us to always observe the directives put in place to curb the virus. Here in Huruma, we are strictly observing all the protocols that havbe been put in place by the Ministry of Health especially now when the learners are in school. We have put in place additional handwashing points as well as invested more on face masks for the children. It is really a challenge to ensure that the learners have their face masks on, especially the young ones but we are happy that all our workers are not relenting in ensuring that all leaners have their masks on. It  is now becoming a lifestyle to have a face mask on and we believe that God will see us through this crazy period. In May 2021, all our teachers and caregivers received their first dose of the corona virus vaccine and in July 2021 they are expected to receive their second jab. It’s a requirement that all persons working with children be vaccinated as they are handling children and some are very vulnerable to viral attack. We pray that you will continue to work with us that the hedge God  has put around us will continue to dwell.  We are also praying for you and your families for God’s care and proetction through this pandemic period.


To all our National and Internantional partners and  friends we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for standing with us and always loving and supporting us in all ways. Always know that you are making a positive change to a child’s life through your generosity, love and prayers. You are in our prayes and always remember it is not in vain.   Asante Sana!