We thank the Almighty God and as well as our school management and supporters for helping us have a successful and a healthy competition in term two. The theme of the competition was GENERAL DISCIPLINE both at home and in school. We usually have four colours, that is, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow where we plave all our learners in different colours where they get to compete as well as assist each other in various areas. We also have Patrons who guide the learners throughout the termly competitions as well as Judges who dish out the marks to the learners. This term the judges were to observe the following to reward the marks: Academic performance which was aimed at motivating the learners to put more effort in their books; Grooming and Hygiene where the learners were encouraged on observing cleanliness, that is in school, home sorroundings as well as personal hygiene practices; Individual Discipline where the learners were encouraged to observe good sitting postures, communication skills as well as how ther related to one another and towards their teachers and support staff; Sports Activities where the learners were encouraged to engage in various sports activities organized by the school, that is, Football, Volleyball and at the end of the term, Hope For Huruma Foundation sponsored a 5 KM marathon run got involved in the run. Lastly, the learners got to compete in an eating competition, which was sponsored by Wells of Salvation and it closed the competition of the term on a very high note. All teams participated in the various areas of the competition and the winner of this term school competition was Team Blue. The learners got to enjoy each part of the competition and this really lifted their spirits as they got to hear what each team got in their final tallies. We pray that come the next school term, the competition will be more fun as well as educative for all our learners.


Finally both the learners and teachers got to break for a 7 weeks school break after being in school for a period of 3 months. This was a very interesting term as it is one that saw our children come back to school after a 7 months break. Most of our learners left to spend time with their families, guardians and friends of the Home. The candidates, that is,  grade 8 and 12 were the only learners left behind as they were due to sit for their national examinations which were scheduled to start at the end of the month of March 2021. The break will help both our learners and teachers rest for a while from the normal school activities as well as help them engage in more play and outdoor activities. We wish all our grade 8 and 12 the best in their national examinations. For the rest of the learners, we wish them a beautiful and fun holiday as well as God’s protection especially now that our country is experiencing a third wave of the Corona Virus.


This year was a very special one for all our candidates for they got to enjoy two lunch out treats which were sponsored by friends of the Home. The first treat was sponsored by one, Robin and Jennifer, who took them to Chicken Inn, where they got to enjoy lots of fried chicken, French fries, sodas as well as plenty of fruits. This was a beautiful surprise for them as they were not expecting it. The second treat was sponsored by one, Sara Ghali, Hope For Huruma Foundation, where the candidates got to enjoy some KFC lots of spicy and non spicy fried chicken, French fries as well as lots of sodas. Both of these treats were awesome and truly a blessing to our children as they rarely get to enjoy such treats. Thank you Robin, Jennifer and Sara for making this look beautiful and for putting some fun in our kid’s lives. Also we want to thank our dear Mum for making sure that both treats go smoothly through her supervision and guidance despite her not being able to attend any of the trips. We also want to thank all our teachers for accompanying the students to the various eating spots as well as for their great supervision when the learners were away from school. We wish them all the best in their forthcoming examinations as they already know that education is the key to success.



We wish to take this opportunity  to thank all our friends and partners for making this school term a success. Despite it being a school term we received lots of foodstuff, sundries and clothing from our local community. To the AHITI school, we really had a beautiful day with all your students and facilitators. May God truly bless you for thinking about us as well as for loving and supporting our ministry. To our international friends and partners we truly thank you for a smooth and successful sponsorship program in regards to each of your child. May God continue blessing you and your families. Lastly we thank the Almight God who has seen us through the term. We love you all and always know that we are blessed to have you in our lives. Baraka.