Anniversaries are special occasions as they commemorate the beginning of beautiful things and occasions in life. The Affable Family, who are friends of the Home celebrated their 3rd anniversary with our children which was a fun filled event. The Home hosted around 150 guests on 2nd March 2019 where they cooked lots of food for the children, played lots of games, engaged in song and dance and finally cut one beautiful cake. It was such a great celebration where our children got to interact with various individuals from different walks of life who encouraged them to hold on no matter the situations they are going through. May God  bless the Affable Family as they start on their 4th year as a group!


Our scouts got to enjoy a weekend expedition with fellow scouts from various schools in Kenya where they got to experience various fun and memorable activities. They got to climb the Ngong Hills, one of our major hills in Kenya, sleep in tents where this was a first experience for most of them as well as clean the environment. The Scouts movement aims at preparing young adults with skills for life which they can use even after finishing their schooling. We as a Home encourage our young adults to do more, learn more and be more. Our Scouts club has ensured that its members enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed, now and in the future. They are taught on teamwork, leadership and resilience, skills that have helped Scouts become responsible citizens in our country Kenya. This has really brought a positive impact to our kids who are in the Scouts movement and we continue encouraging more of them to join this wonderful club.

Sport is an important factor in a child’s growth and we as Home and School encourage our children to engage in various sports activities. This month our primary school children got to engage in various ball and running games where they got an opportunity to compete with other primary schools in our county. It was such a sight watching our children prepare for these competitions with rigour and energy and to top it all with a winning spirit. Despite our kids not proceeding to the next level we as Home and School are proud of them and BRAVO to all of them for their unwavering spirit. As a school our students also got to compete among themselves in their respective houses and they engaged in various sports such as volleyball, basketball and soccer games. The little ones got to engage in a lot of physical exercises which are important for their growing little bodies. This was such a fun month and an adrenaline filled one at that!

Hope For Huruma Foundation really gave our children beautiful smiles this month. Bonnie Meadows Bruner, who visited the Home for the first time surprised each child with a trunk, which was such a bummer! A trunk is such an important asset in Huruma as it makes a child feel that his/her belongings are safe and secure. The children were really excited to receive their trunks as most of them have never owned a trunk for themselves. To Bonnie and Hope For Huruma Foundation…..Much Appreciation!

Thank you for visiting our Home and putting smiles on our children’s faces. Your coming was a blessing to our children and you spending time with them was such a blessing. Thank you to Kibondeni College for spending time with our children for a day and bringing lots of gifts for the kids. Thank you to Giving Back A Smile team for ensuring that each child gets a new pair of Tom’s rubber shoes and a rubber flip-flop as well as buying us lots of foodstuff. To all our other visitors may God bless you abundantly for coming to visit our children and for putting smiles on our children’s faces.