Being the sixth month of the year 2020, our blessings have continued to multiply each and every day. This is a month that we got to enjoy spending quality time with one of the major African financial group known as Absa Bank. One of their financial branches here in Nairobi, Kenya, patronised our orphanage and they really had a wonderful time with the children.

Despite keeping a physical distance with the team we all had a fun and memorable moment together where the team encouraged the children to be the best they can be in all their endeavours in life. The team also presented the Orphanage with lots of foodstuff and sundry. What a great love we experienced and felt from Absa Bank Kenya Plc.

May God bless this wonderful team and we as a Home wish the bank all the success as they continue to offer the population quality financial services.


Our children are still continuing their learning through the e-learning platform. This has enabled them be at per with their school syllabus as well as keep their minds refreshed and active despite schools being closed here in Kenya. The teachers have also being able to keep in touch with their students through this new normal of learning. Our kids have also learnt how to really study and work in groups as they are helping each other out more as compared to when they were in class. A good friend of the Home by the name Amber Marquez, once introduced to our school a study model referred as Think, Pair & Share, which we can say that it is really being put to work during this e-learning platform. Thank you Amber for this way of studying and we can truly say that our children are really enjoying studying in groups. Our kids are still striving for excellence as they adopt to this new learning system and we are truly PROUD of all of them as they strive to make it work and be a success. Much appreciation to all our teachers and dormitory mothers for their support  and great work ethics. We are proud of them and we wish them all the best together with their students. We also thank our mum, Mama Zipporah, for giving both the students and the teachers such a platform that enables them continue with their school timetable outside the classroom.


Birthdays are usually special days when one celebrates the day they were born and they are usually treated as occasions for celebration and the giving of gifts. Our Home was not left out in experiencing one of the most memorable and fun day, as the children got to celebrate the birthday of one of the friends of the Home by the name, Madam Everlyn Wambui Kamau, popularly known by the children as Mama Shiku. The day was filled with lots of games and merry as the children got to have fun in jumping castles, trampolines as well as enjoy lots of singing and dancing. The day was marked by the children indulging in a delicious meal which was prepared by professional chefs. Also the children enjoyed a tasty piece of cake and goodies which also marked this day. Despite the pandemic going on in the whole world, we are grateful to God that friends of the Home can still remember us as well as put smiles on the kids faces. We as a Home want to wish Mama Shiku cheers to many more years of laughter, love and friendship. May God increase you in wisdom and every other aspect in life. Happy Birthday!


This has been a period where our country has really suffered economically due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, but we are grateful to God that our local friends and partners have still continued supporting our orphanage with donations in kind. This is a month where we have continued to see more and more people donate foodstuff and sundry to the Home, and for this we are really grateful. Thank you for all the love and care you have shown us and always know that we love you and we are always praying for you. May God increase your boundaries as you continue to help the needy in our society. To all our international friends and partners, we love you and we are always praying for you. Thank you for sacrificing your finances and supporting our children through our sponsorship platforms. We love you all and May God bless you.