The months of June and July were beautiful ones despite the changes in our normal school calendar. June was a month where we were in our last school term instead of our normal second school term. We  thank God for He has saw us through the academic year despite the disruptions caused by the ongoing Covid19 pandemic. This last academic year was a wrestle, but we made it through by the power of our God. As the pandemic is ranging and spreading wide, we can testify that the Lord has been and  is  so much good to us. In the month of June, the school was running satisfactorily  with  everything falling into its accurate place as needed. All our students looked very ambitious and busy in their school work as they worked towards achieving their set performance targets in their respective grades. Our teachers were very determined and they devoted their time to stay close to the students for the purpose of coaching them in terms of learning, discipline and mannerism. Our Principal, Mr. Samuel Mwangi  in conjuction with our Head Mistress Mrs. Violet Omukenya oversaw all matters that were happening in the school department and they together with their team of teachers ensured that the school guiding theme,  which was ,ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE & GOOD MANNERISMS” was adhered to by the learners. This theme really improved the learners academic performance as well as their discipline both in school and at home. This academic year of 2020/2021 has been one roller coaster and we are all happy to see it coming to a successful end this month of June.


July is a month where we experience our cold season here in Kenya and this time it was not an exception. This is a month that started with a lot of cold accompanied by showers here and there. We are grateful to God for He has protected our children from getting severe cold and flu attacks despite this very chilly weather we are currently experiencing. Also we have ensured that all our kids are kept warm at all times while in school as well as here at home. We also are feeding our childen with a very nutritious porridge known as Narisha Fortified porridge which is filled with very rich minerals that strengthen one’s immunity as well as reduce attacks of colds and flu. Our children love this porridge as it is very tasty and sweet and we can say that most of them are not coughing as it would have being the case during this cold month.


This is a month that saw us start on another school year which is quite unusual to us due to the changes in our academic calendar. This was also a very exciting month for the kids as they each graduated to a higher grade in school. The most excited grade was for our learners in Pre Primary 2 who graduated to Grade 1, which is truly a milestone for this little ones. The smiles on their faces as they graduated was melting to the heart and we truly wish them all the best as they start on their new grade.

In July the grade 5 and 9 learners resumed back to class after enjoying a 3 months holiday away from school. They were all excited to join the other learners and the teachers were ready to take them through their new grades.  Currently we are in the first term of the new school calendar which is also a very short of 10 weeks. Much is expected to be done during this short period of the time and the teachers are expected to cover most of the first school term syllabus. All our able teachers are doing their best to make sure that by the end of the term the syllabus is well covered and understood by all the learners. The competition quote of this school term is “ON YOUR MARKS” which shows that we are in a race and we need to be set for the run. The new school term is set on the running path in terms of academics and other school related activities.



We are now experiencing the  4th wave of covid-19 in our country which is being termed as the Delta variant .  This is a new strain of the Covid19 variant and it has a high infectious rate and an increased transmissibility when compared to other variants. Our team members are in the process of receiving the second jab of the vaccination and currently a good percentage of individuals have received it. Also we as a Home and School are strictly following the laid down protocols to help curb the spread of the virus. Our local administration also donated to the school lots of washable facemasks which help boost on our current stock of this very important requirement. Our hand washing tanks are all in palce with adequate water and soap at all times. The good thing is that all our learners have adjusted to this new way of living and we thank God for His continued protection over our lives. We are still trust God with our lives for Him to see us through the pandemic. I urge all of us to keep on praying and to not seize in trusting in God.



We  love visitors so much and in the month of June and July, we received visitors from different corners of the world.  Just to shout out a few, one of our great friend from Arizona, USA by the name Mama Lisa in accompaniment with Jodie and Dennis, got to spend their precious time with us for the few days they were in Kenya. We value visitors and we do not take your visit for granted. Seeing that the pandemic did not hinder you from traveling was great. We want to take this opportunity and thank all our friends and partners in the various parts of the world. We appreciate all you do for us here in Huruma and May God truly bless you and your families. We take none of the love and care you show us for granted. In Galatians 6:9, God has promised  His children a good reap after the act of goodness without getting weary. We might fail to see the goodness in you but God will always see and He will surelly fulfill whatever He said He will do. Asanteni and we love you all so dearly.