The month started well though it was quite chilly and cold but despite this we are grateful to God as none of our children and team members have suffered a cold or flu especially now when the whole world is battling a virus pandemic. We are grateful to God for His protection over our lives as well as  for His provision for our daily needs. We are also thankful to God for good health as well as for His love towards us.









This is a month where we saw churches gradually re-opening after our Kenyan government gave a directive to re-open worship sanctuaries. The government issued our protocols to be observed once churches re-open and we are glad that we were able to meet and observe these health protocols. We as a Home had really missed our church sanctuary where we usually meet as believers to worship together as well as share the word of God. We had also missed our crazy dancing where we really sing and dance for the Lord.  The first Sunday was quite a service as the children had really missed worshipping together in our church, and one could feel the joy and happiness in their hearts. We got a chance to pray together for our country Kenya, as well as the whole world, especially now when the whole world is going through one crazy and scary time. Let us continue praying for each other for God’s care and protection.









This is also a month where we saw a surge in the Corona virus infections and due to this the Ministry of Education gave a new directive in the beginning of the month. Both Primary and Secondary Schools shall remain on lockdown until January 2021, which means that all our students shall remain in their current grade next year. This also means that none of our candidates shall sit for their end year national examinations at the end of the year. We are happy that we as a school started an e-learning platform which has really worked well for our students and teachers as a whole for the last three months. Our teachers covered most of the syllabus this month and the children got to sit for their assessment examinations to gauge on their individual performance. Much appreciation to all our teachers, dormitory mothers and children for their support and patience as we rolled out this new way of learning.

We as a Home are thankful to God because our children have not lacked food on their table especially now when the country is hit economically. God has continued using different people to donate foodstuff, sundries and toiletries to the Home, and for this we are grateful to all our local friends and partners. We also thank God for all our international friends and partners for ensuring that our children are well taken care of during this pandemic period through your selfless sacrifice shown through sponsoring our children. May God bless all of you our friends and partners for your love and care towards us and may He keep you hidden under His wings from any harm that may come your way.