Our kids resumed back to their normal school activities after having a long two months holiday.  Our kids were excited to be back to school as each of them was proceeding to the next grade. Our teachers were not left out and they were all eager to resume back to the classroom and continue on their noble job of impacting knowledge to the students. To jog their memory all the teachers assessed their students through an opener exam which was aimed at helping them cope in their new grades as well as prepare them for school again after the holiday. We wish all our kids all the best as they start on their first school term in year 2020 and for God to bless their studies.


It was such a beautiful day where we saw 19 of our pupils graduate from pre-school to lower primary. The pupils were in pre-school for a period of three years and it was such a joy to see them transition to grade 1. The school conducted a graduation ceremony which was graced by friends of the Home and all our primary school pupils. The graduation exercise was aimed at motivating the young ones as it helps them to work hard in their new class. The lower primary teachers were ready to receive their new scholars which was such a beautiful sight. Mama Zipporah was present on this day and she really stressed on hard work and focus to all the student body. She did promise to reward pupils who excelled in their academics as well as in other co curricular activities. On the other hand, the pupils promised to work hard as it’s for their own benefit. We are so proud of the grade ones as we watch them take another step in their educational journey.


Apart from academics, the school introduced athletics in their school program. This is to help the students relax from books as well as improve on their physical health.  The athletics took part on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and the students together with their teachers engaged in a 2-km run outside the school compound. Our students really enjoyed this activity as it helped them stretch their bodies athletic wise as well as do something different from their normal school activities. The school also got to identify students with athletics talent which will be nurtured for future school competitions. We are excited as this term will see our students more fit as we as more energetic both in school and at home.

This January we saw 11 transition students join us as workers here in Huruma Trust Fund. Just the other they were our grade 12 students and today they are working for us as transition aides in various departments. The transition team could not stop smiling as they now had started to work with us. Most of them were eager as it was their first time to be given a chore to work on. Other of our transition students are working outside the Home but living in our transition Home. They are really happy and excited to have a nice home which they can call their own for the next 1 year. They are very strict on their working fields as they have realized that a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. They have applied the best of their selves to the task at hand. We are all proud to see them transition to responsible young adults as we prepare them for higher institutions of learning come year 2021. We wish them all the best as they enter their first workforce experience as well as their new phase of life outside Huruma.
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