First we want to thank God for seeing us through 2020. The Lord has truly protected us from any harm and He has being our Jehovah Jireh throughout the year. 2020 is a year that had so many challenges as well as a year that saw the whole world stand still due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We as a Home are grateful to God as He has also protected all you our friends and partners through this pandemic. You stood by us through the year and always know that your friendship and love really matters to us. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe as we enter this new year 2021 and may He continue blessing our ties to each other. Our children ushered in the New Year in a different way this time due to the government regulations on gatherings and time. We got to sing and dance together for a few minutes then Pastor Paul shared a really nourishing word to guide us through the new year. We pray that God will see us all through this new year and that He shall keep us all safe from any harm and destruction that the evil one might be planning. We love you all and always know that


Schools re-opening was a moment of fresh air for us as all kids in Kenya had stayed away from school for 7 months. We released most of our learners on 16th March 2020 and seeing them all back again on 4th January 2021 was truly wonderful. All our learners came back looking healthy and great and for this we are grateful to God for keeping them safe despite the ongoing pandemic. All learners except grade 4,8 and 12 went back to their former grades where they will be for the next school terms. Our Kenya school calendar has really being affected by this long break but we always hope for the best when it comes to our learner’s academic journey. All of them are excited to be back to school and truly you can see that they had missed the school environment as well as their teachers. The grade 8 and 12 learners are still preparing for their final national examination which is expected to take place in late March 2021 till end of April 2021. Kindly remember them in prayers for boldness and courage as they prepare for these crucial examinations. We wish all our learners the best as they continue gaining knowledge and skills in school. We also wish all our teachers and the school support staff wisdom and strength as they teach and guide our children on a successful academic path.


This new year also has started with many beautiful fun activities. Sara Ghali, Hope For Huruma Foundation, organized a 5km marathon run globally and we are Huruma Family were not left out. This is a day that saw all our kids from the youngest to the oldest exercise their muscles as well as engage in some serious running. Our young ones engaged in a 1km marathon and they truly had lots of fun with it from crying to refusing to totally run while in the middle of it. Our older kids all engaged in the 5km run and this was actually real exercise for most of them. Our teachers, mothers, transition kids and college students were also not left out in this wonderful event. The best part of it all was seeing Mama in a tracksuit attire and her following the kids while on the road to give them words of encouragement and motivation as they ran. We usually have four houses, that is, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red and on this day the kids compete according to their respective houses. In every marathon there is a winner and in this case the Yellow House emerged the winner as it had majority of winners first, second and third places. The young ones got to enjoy lollipops and everyone got to enjoy some milk and bread after the event. Thank you Hope For Huruma for making this event here in Kenya a success!














Every month we get to celebrate kids birthdays according to months and this year we got to celebrate all kids born in the months of January and February. Each child get a birthday card as well as a cake and juice which they truly look forward to every month. Last year we never got to celebrate most kids birthdays and starting on this culture again made the children ecstatic. Little is much when God is in it and we believe that no matter how small the gift might be, it is truly appreciated by our children. Our children are special gifts from God and we truly wish them blessings and God’s  favor as each gets a chance to celebrate his/her birthday. Happy Birthday to all you our friends and partners who were born during the months