Pre-Primary 2 Graduation

What a beautiful day seeing our Pre-Primary 2 children graduating on our school closing day.  It is a great milestone for the kids as they are ushered in to Grade 1. We always dress them in cute blue gowns decorated with red fabric and cute caps with tassels. The graduation ceremony is usually fun where we all sing songs and share little tit-bits of things learnt during the school year.  The graduates are later presented with certificates and take pictures with family, teachers and friends. What a simple but yet beautiful, memorable and fun graduation procession. This is also a time where we celebrate all our other students and where they share what they have learned and how they have grown during the entire school year. The school year goes by oh- so- quickly!

Candidates Day-Out

We are preparing our candidates for the Kenya National Examinations and this year we are a having a total of 65 candidates. One of our friends by the name Sara Ghali, who is currently the Director of Hope for Huruma Foundation treated all of our candidates to a delicious treat at the KFC eateries at the Hub, Karen and at Galleria, Karen.  This year was quite a treat as another friend of the Home by the name Pastor Caz Holmes of Go Beyond All Borders and her team bought 50kgs of beef on bone and lots of other goodies where they treated the kids to a hefty dinner. What a way to start the exams.



This year we are so proud of Hope for Huruma Foundation who have come in great way by sending one, Susan Cousineau from Canada to come help us do monthly and yearly strategic plans for our Home.  She arrived here in early October 2018 for two and a half months and we thank God for her total commitment and her excellent organisational skills. We are committed to being good stewards of all that God provides and are thankful for Susan’s support and guidance.

Holiday Season

Yeah……the holidays have started. Many of our kids have gone and I have been left with few kids (140).   During this long holiday season our dorm mums are in charge because our teachers break for the holidays as well. The amazing thing is that we have come up with a great holiday programme which includes different wonderful holiday projects inclusive of evening walks with their dorm mums or volunteers.  In all this we still have our slogan for the year  “BE GRATEFUL AND NOT WASTEFUL”.


Since the face book campaign started we have received a lot of local friends in the Home.  They come carrying gifts such as foodstuff, toiletries, clothing and most importantly they offer their time with the kids.  This gave us the sense of an early Christmas. We are so happy for them for choosing Huruma Children’s Home as a place to visit.  Special thanks to Hope for Huruma Foundation, Jonathan Tench, Payton Foundation from Australia and Go Beyond All Borders ministries from Australia.


Laying a Competitive Ground

Two years ago an idea was born where we divided our school into four teams carrying the names of  our 2017 sponsors. From Year 2019 we shall take up other new names for our teams as follows: Red Team (Huruma Childrens Trust, Canada); Yellow Team (Hope for Huruma Foundation); Blue Team (Wells of Hope) and Green Team (Go Beyond All Borders).  As we closed the 2017 school year the Red Team (Coca-Cola Champions) won the 3rd Term 2017 Cup! Our main theme for year 2019 will be year  “BE GRATEFUL AND NOT WASTEFUL”.


Thank-you for your ongoing support and keep your eyes peeled for our Christmas campaigns as we seek to see all of our children sponsored by the end of 2018.

– Mama Zipporah