Every child who comes to Huruma will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and excel in academics, so that they are fully equipped to become future Christian leaders.


To empower children in need to become productive members of society through rehabilitation, education and self-reliance skills.


Our aim is to provide the following to the children of Huruma:

  • Basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, security).
  • Formal and informal education.
  • Life skills, moral and spiritual guidance and counselling
  • Parental love, care and affection.


Children are a Heritage from the Lord and they deserve the best.

Huruma Nursery

Babies’ Room

Girls’ Dorm


Huruma Home

Boys’ Dorm


Huruma Children’s Home is a children’s orphanage located at the undulating slopes of the beautiful Ngong hills which is about 25km from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya in East Africa. This is unfortunately also a relatively poor area where most people have to struggle every day to make ends meet. Poverty, poor health, HIV/AIDS and massive unemployment are the main challenges people meet. Many children are orphans or live in families that are not able to care for them at all.

It was therefore in 1989 that Mama Zipporah (as she’s called by just about everyone) and her husband, Pastor Isaac Kamau, opened their doors to some of the destitute and orphaned children of the Ngong area.

Huruma Children’s Home started by accommodating seven children, but over the years the number of children increased, and now Huruma caters for over 150 children, both girls and boys. The children are between 0 and 18 years old. The children are drawn mainly from the Kajiado District though a few are from other districts of our country.

The home offers the only real hope for some of Kenya’s most damaged children. This unique residence provides the children with a warm homely accepting environment and education to help the children come to terms with their experiences.

The home has now expanded and has a big room for a soccer field, a basketball court, and we have a nice playground which was donated as a Christmas gift by friends of the home. We have also room for a volleyball field and more games and mostly in the end we would love to have a swimming pool for the hot season. Lastly, we have music classes for talented children on singing and playing of instruments (Keyboard, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drumsets) who then participate in worship and praise sessions in our church.