It was a marathon of exams!

We started with Grade 8 examinations commonly referred to as the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (KCPE) which took 3 days only. On the 5th of November the Grade 12 candidates started their examinations commonly referred to as the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations (KCSE). For 15 days, the candidates were on their own with Invigilators, Supervisors, Headmaster and Police (with guns) who were guarding the credibility of the 2018 national examinations. This is our 6th time to compete in the race of national exams for the Grade 12 class. We compete with great giants of both private and public school in Kenya. It is not an easy venture since the government has taken a lot of surveillance to make sure the examinations are not leaked out. I’m so happy that our kids have been given the equal opportunity and platform just like any other Kenyan child.


This is a noble idea which was born by none other than Andra Good, the Director of Leighs Mission.  Her best friend Leigh Ann had a car accident which took her life at an early age. Everyone was touched by the death and one Andra Good thought it was noble for her best friend’s memory to start sewing Blankies to give to the needy. When we first met, she asked me if l would like the Leigh Blankies for my children……I couldn’t say no. Since then she has trained our girls and mothers how to make Blankies and started a sewing class and equipped it through Leigh Mission.

Since then, she has helped our transition students start out their new lives after graduating Grade 12 by ensuring that they settle into their new homes as they begin the transition program. This is a program that runs for 12 months, as the students are equipped with various life skills before joining higher institutions of learning. Last year, through McIntosh Foundation, she acquired half an acre of land to build the Mama Leigh Ann’s Home consisting of 11 rooms. We have started on the construction and we are happy that 4 rooms have been completed. This November, we settled in 16 students into the Home who finished Grade 12 and they are really ENJOYING their new homes as they await to join various higher institutions of learning come year 2020.


Christmas is a great time for everyone. For us in Huruma, it is a time for eating, having a new wear and shoe for every child in the Home and just having a merry moment. My prayer as a mum to many kids has been to fulfill the kids wishes each Christmas so that they can feel special like any other kid in the world and just enjoy this special holiday.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sponsoring our children. Without your support and care I could not have made it to this far. Believe or not your giving is commended in the Bible and it says if you help the least of these, you touch the heart of God.  It is my prayer that this Christmas we shall increase on our sponsorship numbers and when you sponsor a child, kindly know that you are helping us feed, educate, clothe, shelter and give quality healthcare to children in need who have so little to give back.


Giraffe Centre, Nairobi has not been left out!

On 22nd of November 2018 forty eight of our primary kids were treated to an outing by Giraffe Centre. They were able to visit Giraffe Centre, David Shedrick where we have orphaned baby elephants, Animal Orphanage, Animal Walk and finally they visited the Mamba (Swahili word for Crocodile) Village where they were treated to a hearty lunch before coming back to home.

Thank you Giraffe Centre for treating our kids to such an educative trip.


Our volunteers Susan Cousineau from Canada and Brooke Holmes from Australia are still with us.  They are waiting for our Pastor’s wedding to be held on 8th of December 2018. We also received our great friends Sara and Rich Ghali, who are also here for the wedding. We have really appreciated their commitment and love to our program but mostly to our children. We shall miss all of them once they leave back to their countries after the wedding ceremony.

Asante sana Susan and Brooke.

Finally we thank EVERY volunteer who has come here because you leave a piece of you here with us.


The wedding is still on and you are MOST welcome.  We love you and we care.

Blessings to you!