Academic and mentorship day
In Kenya, education is a very important factor in a child’s life and success is measured by good performance in school. As a school it is a month where we conducted an academic assessment for all subjects our children are undertaking to assess on whether they are progressing as they should as per the Kenyan curriculum education system.

 It is a day we saw parents and guardians patronise the school and have a sit down with various teachers with an aim of understanding how their children were progressing in school. The fun part is that Mama as a parent has the largest number of kids and all are in various grades from Play Group to Grade 12 thus a strategy had to be developed to ensure that each child is catered for in regards to the academic journey. As a result the school came up with a Mentorship program whereby each team member is assigned a number of students to mentor and walk with while in Huruma Schools. These mentors act as advisers to the kids and on this day all our children were taken through the academic day by their various mentors. Each child got to share their struggles in school as well as their achievements in their various areas of studies.They also set their performance targets which will enable them stay focused as they work towards achieving these targets and attaining their education goals and objectives. We wish all our children a wonderful and fun time as they undertake this milestone of assessing quality education.

Mama Zipporah’s health
Mama Zipporah was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a relatively rare form of blood cancer.  Mama Zipporah is a fighter and she is ready to take on the disease, however, the cost of her care will be significant.  Mama has over 300 children currently living in the home or attending school at Huruma(day schoolers).  During this time of her illness her support staff will continue to manage the day-to-day operations, but Huruma’s children need their beloved Mama to be well and remain present in their lives.Mama Zipporah’s love and compassion has saved thousands of children who would have otherwise had nowhere to turn.  She has selflessly cared for, sheltered, fed, and educated scores of Kenya’s poorest and most vulnerable children. Her home’s mission is to empower children in need to become productive members of society through rehabilitation, education and self-reliance skills.Hope for Huruma Foundation have been able to set up a GoFundMe fundraising campaign for Mama to enable the home raise some much needed funds for Mama’s healthcare as her treatment is quite costly. The link for the campaign is Let’s pour out all of the blessings Mama has bestowed on others back onto her in the form of life saving donations towards her medical care. In addition to financial support, Mama Zipporah is a prayer warrior and she asks that you join her in prayer for her healing.

Mid-term break.
Holidays are always fun for kids and no school will ever say NO to one especially a break from school. Our kids were not left out and they were treated to a 1 week break from school which lasted for 8 days. We usually have a 2 day mid-break so
been given an 8 day break was a bummer! Our team members in the various departments were also not left out as they got to rest for some days before resuming back to the 2 nd phase of the school term. Our kids got to play, eat, sleep, help in home chores as well as bond with their friends during this little school break.

Special Treat 
Our kids got to enjoy a hefty and delicious dinner prepared by one of our former kids by the name Ms. Jackline Githiga. Jackline joined the Home when she was only 6 years old together with her sibling who was 2yrs old by then. Her sibling by the name Mary Githiga is now heading our Pre-School and she is also one of our teachers. Jackline is currently working at the Tribe Hotel, one of our big hotels in Kenya and she brought her department to visit the Home as well as cook for the kids. The team spent most of their day here in the Home and they treated the kids to various fun activities as well as hanging out with them. They also beautified the school Compound by planting different types of flowers and finally they planted a tree in remembrance of this beautiful day. May God bless Tribe Hotel for allowing their team members come spend time with our children.