This is a day set aside in the school calendar which brings together all parties involved in ensuring that a student is getting quality education. It involves bringing together students, teachers and guardians, where they get an opportunity to share educational ideas as well as tackle various problems related to a student’s academic performance. This is such an important day of the term where students get to speak out on challenges affecting them in their school life. It is also a day where students get to bond with their teachers as well as set their performance targets and goals. We wish our kids well as they pursue their dreams and goals in their education journey.


This is a month where we got to enjoy and spend time with our friends and partners from Canada. One of our partner and friend by the name Donna Mansfield, Director of Huruma Children’s Trust Canada, graced our home for 3 weeks with some lovely five other new friends. This was such an awesome team as it comprised of individuals from different professional fields such as, teachers, librarian, therapists, social workers and a headteacher. Our kids got to interact with this beautiful team and they got to learn a lot from them. The team also engaged the kids in different fun activities as well as challenged their intellectual minds. Our team members were also not left out as they got to learn a lot from the team especially the teaching department. To top it all, the team took our high school kids to the Giraffe Centre, Nairobi,  where they got to feed the giraffes as well as learn a lot on environmental management skills. Apart from that, the team also surprised all the kids and team members with lots of ice-cream and biscuits where they really indulged. Beautiful memories were created and friendships were formed during this visit. May God bless these beautiful souls from Canada.


The school went for a 1 week holiday where the students and teachers took a little break from their normal school activities. This is a time where kids spend some time at home and refresh their minds as well as spend time with their families and friends. Here in Huruma it is a time where kids enjoy time here at home as well as bond more with each other away from school. The smiles on their faces tell it all, that it is a time of rest and relaxation away from the normal school life. We wish them a happy time as they enjoy their 1 week school break.


A food harvest is always a blessing from God and our little home garden was really favoured as we experienced a bounty pumpkin harvest. The Home harvested around 160 pcs of pumpkin, which came in different sizes, that is, small, medium and big. The kids enjoyed the new delicacy in their meals but mostly they appreciated the nutritious aspect that a pumpkin adds to their growing bodies. Their hard work paid off and they really had a great time enjoying the benefits. Together we joined hands for the harvest as we thank God for making our granary full of these yummy and nutritious vegetable.