This is a month where we had a part of our learners at home for the December holidays and another part in school preparing for the National Assessments in March/April 2021. The year has been full of many challenges and livelihood changes due to the Corona Virus pandemic that hit the whole world from late 2019. It is a year that saw our children spend 9 months away from school though we as a Home rigorously engaged them in home schooling. The children enjoyed the 1 month break away from books and they really enjoyed spending time together as a family. The grade 4, 8 and 12 closed school on 23rd December 2020 and they also enjoyed 8 days at home with the rest of their brothers and sisters. Despite the kids being home for 9 months it was still great having them home relaxed and happy. This being the last month of the year we thank God for His protection and provision towards our children and for this we are all grateful.


December is jolly month full of merry, joy and surprises. We as Home were not left out and we say beautiful surprises during this month. Despite the economic challenge facing our country Kenya, our Home got to receive a lot of gifts in terms of foodstuff, toiletries, goodies and clothing from various well wishers. The children also got to enjoy lots of delicious meals which were prepared for them by different groups of friends of the Home. At one time the children were surprised with lots of fried chicken and chips which is a delicacy here in Huruma. The children also got to engage in lots of games and sports which is very important for their growing bodies. It was truly a fun filled month and all we can say is thank you to all our friends who made the month of December awesome.


Christmas is a time when Christians celebrate God’s love for the world through the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time of spiritual reflection on the important foundations of the Christian faith. On the evening of 24th December 2020 we held a Christmas service where we sang lots of Christmas carols as well as thanking God for His love towards us. On the morning of Christmas Mama presented each child with a gift and this really made all the children happy and they also felt special, and loved. Mama cooked a delicious meal for the children as its always a tradition here in Huruma. The children also enjoyed lots of roasted meat, fruits, ice cream and goodies on this day which really made them happy. Christmas came with lots of good things and we are grateful to God for making us see another Christmas.


This has been a crazy year full of challenges but we are grateful to God for you all our friends and partners for standing with us through out the year. Your love and care towards our children has been immense and for this we are truly grateful. Our children have not lacked food on the table and this has been shown through your great support, both financially  and spiritually. Thank you for your love towards us and we pray that God will always protect you and your families always. As the Covid pandemic continues to ravage the globe, we as the Huruma Family wish you and your families a healthy and prosperous new year 2021.