The pandemic is still here with us but we are grateful to God for His protection over our lives as we are all healthy and doing well. We as a Home pray that the Lord has kept you and your families safe during this ongoing pandemic that has affected the whole world. We are always praying for you for God’s protection over your lives as well as for good health during this scary times. We are grateful to God that the curve is currently going down as compared to the previous months when we saw numbers rising each passing day. Most of the Covid 19 cases are asymptomatic and manageable and we thank God for this. Statistics show that we have 12,338 active cases, 23,243 total recovered and 624 fatalities. We still have a few restrictions put in place by the Kenyan government to help curb the spread of this killer virus. All our children and staff are safe and healthy and we are really putting into place workable hygiene measures here in the Home which we are strictly following. We pray that with time the pandemic will be put under control and that the scientist all over the world will be able to develop a vaccine for the Corona Virus.


This is a month which saw our children take a break from online learning after a three months session.  It is a month that came with lots of sunshine which we really enjoyed after experiencing lots of cold in July.  The children got to spend most of their time playing outdoors as well as interacting with their peers. Mama and the dormitory mothers also planned lots of fun activities for them to keep them busy and occupied. The older kids got to work in our home garden, where they got to clear the grounds as well as plant beans, maize and vegetables. We are praying for a bountiful harvest come the next few months where we shall get to enjoy the cereals and veggies. The younger kids got to put all their efforts in making our compound clean and well maintained, its the help of our grounds person. Our matrons also got to have some time off from their duties where they got to go home and spend time with their families as well as rejuvenate themselves in readiness for September. It was a beautiful month which was well spent by all of us here in Huruma.


In April 11, 2014, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) granted Canadian Charitable Status to Huruma Children’s Trust (Canada), which is directed by one, Donna Mansfield, a great partner and friend of the Huruma Children’s Home. As a Home, we want to take this moment and celebrate with the Canadian charity for donating $100,000.00 (Canadian dollars) to the Home since this Charity conception. Huruma Children’s Trust, Canada has being a real blessing to our Home and through it we have made lasting and memorable friendships and relationships. We love you Donna for this great initiative and to all our Canadian friends we appreciate you and we are grateful for having you on board. May God bless all of you and may He keep you safe under His wings.


We as a Home are thankful to God because our children have not lacked food on their table despite the ongoing pandemic crisis. Our local partners and friends have been donating clothing, foodstuff and sundry to the Home and for this we are grateful to God for their love and kindness towards our children. We also thank God for all our international friends and partners for ensuring that our kids are well taken of and for your selfless sacrifice shown through our sponsorship platforms in the various continents. May God bless all of you our friends and partners and always know that we appreciate you. You are important to us and we truly value your partnership and friendship. We love you and we as Huruma Family are always praying for you and your families. Blessings to all of you!