We want to greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We as the Huruma Family are hoping that you are all doing well and that the Lord has kept you safe through the pandemic. Here in Huruma, we are all doing well and all our children and team members are safe and healthy. We clearly know that we haven’t done any good to deserve this blessing but it’s because our God is full of  compassion and mercy thus giving us another chance to testify of His goodness.  As a country we are still in the middle of the pandemic and the government is trying to see that most of its citizens are effectively vaccinated. As a Home we are trying to ensure that we have all the health measurements put in place and strictly followed as per the protocols laid down by the Ministry of Health to curb this pandemic. Currently all our team members are fully vaccinated by the AstraZeneca vaccine, and for this we are grateful to God. Despite them being vaccinated, nothing is being taken lightly for they are still putting on the mask when in the school and Home premises. This is to ensure that we are all on the fore front to fight this common enemy ravaging the whole world. Washing of hands has become one of the culture here in Huruma where everyone coming in from outside has to wash their hands before accessing the compound. This helps to keep us safe from not only the Corona virus but also from other contagious viruses that cxan be found in one’s hands.  Also we have avoided a lot of handshakes and hugs even among our children as a measure of staying safe at all times. Even when we do all these things to fight the pandemic, we still need God on our daily  endeavours as the protection from above is all we need at especially a time like this when we are all battling a global pandemic. Keep safe at all times and always know that we are paring for you an your families for God’s protection to be upon you all.



The school term is ongoing well and the learners are really showing a lot of seriousness in their studies.  All our teachers and learners have been working hard this term to make sure that they are catching up with this term’s syllabus without missing out on any school activity scheduled for the school term. The grade 8 and 12 are also working smart as they prepare for their final national assessments which are scheduled for March 2022. Their teachers are working hand in hand with them to ensure that they are practicing healthy revision styles as well as working together as groups. The pre-school and lower school are also embracing the new education system well which is Competency Based Curricullum (CBC) which is really transforming our young ones into confident and competent individuals. We thank God for we have being able to provide the learners with all the materials needed in making their learning experience fun and educative. Our CBC facilitators are working hard to ensure that the learners are all rounded members of the society as well as ensuring that they get quality education each passing day.

This term, the housing competition is being guided by the theme ‘ ON YOU MARKS’, where we are encouraging our learners to start the new school year on a high note.  We are encouraging our learners to put more effort in their academic performance as well as in other areas such as sports, conservation of the environment and outdoor activities with an aim of encouraging them to be all rounded individuals. The learners have engaged in so much sporting activities this month such as, soccer, volleyball, athletics and fun games for the young ones. This has really put their bodies in check as well as helped them relax and rejuvenate their young minds. The teams have also being leading the school morning devotions and this has enabled the teachers identify hidden talents and gifts among the learners such as, leadership, communication and teaching skills. BRAVO to all our learners as the continue to be the best they can be. BRAVO to all our patrons as they guide and lead the learners to greatness.

The grade 12 Agriculture students are also having fun with this year project of rearing chicken which will be examined by the end of this year. In earlier years the grade 12s have being examined in farming activities but this time round they are being examined in poultry keeping which is a new thing to them but also one that will make them more responsible and ensure a lot of team work among the learners. We pray that the poultry keeping activity will turn out well and that the chicken will not be affected by any disease.


For the last three weeks we have being having an issue with our borehole as it suddenly stopped harvesing water. This really affected us this being a Home with so many children and as a result we had to find other means of getting water. Water is life and without it life becomes quite unbearable. As a result we had to call in the company that services our well where they recommended cleaning of the well to flash out any particles that may be blocking the channels of water which we did and we saw an increase of the water levels. We were very happy to harvest some water only for the pump motor to breakdown after two days which took us back to not having water again. We had to go through a lot of processes to restore the water back and currently we are fundraising for a new borehole through our facebook page as the old one is drying up gradually this requiring us to sink in a deeper well. Thank you so much to all our friends and partners who are giving towards this noble mission and we believe that in a few years to come we shall have an adequate water supply as we truly need a lot of water here in Huruma. Continue praying for us for truly our God is Jehovah Jireh and He shall truly come through for us.


This month we were so blessed to have one of our friend and partner by the name Seren Keisling Maro all the way from Arizona, USA, coming to visit us and spending her precious time with us. Since the pandemic hit our country in March 2020 most of our friends and partners were locked in their respective countries this halting their scheduled visits to the Home. Seeing Seren was truly a breath taking moment and hanging out with her was just awesome. The children really enjoyed having her around and the kitchen and dormitory mothers really had some memorable laughs with her while here. The pandemic came and stopped many things but it makes us happy seeing that our friends are going beyond the limit to make sure that they come down and spend some time with us.  Seren, thank you so much for this surprise visit and karibu Kenya again and again.

We want to thank all the visitors who visited us in the month of August. We truly appreciate you all and it was a blessing to host you in our Home. You are precious to us and we love you all. You are all always welcome to our Home again and again.

Karibu Sana…!