School Break

The kids finally closed school on 4th April 2019 after a busy long school term. It is a break that was very much awaited for after a having such an intense term due to graduating to new grades as well as getting deep in their studies. Also it’s a term that our kids involved themselm ves in a lot of sports activities and external excursions away from the normal schedules. This school break was highly awaited for as it was ushering in the Easter Holidays that reminds us of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope that all our kids and team members had a wonderful Easter holiday as well as a break from school.

Fun Moments

Visitors are a blessing and when they come with goodies it always put wide smiles on our kids faces. Easter is a time of sharing and remembering the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and as a result our kids were treated to a wonderful lunch by a group of ladies from Karen, Nairobi. They shared a meal and drink together and also they got to get lots of warm and beautiful hugs from these mommies who had left everything to come and spend the day with our children. The children also got to enjoy spending their weekends with different types of visitors and this made them realise that they are loved and valued by the local community. Blessings to all who visited us this month of April and always know that you put a beautiful smile on a child’s face.








Easter Concert

Wow! what a day this was. On 21st April 2019 one of our former child by the name Isaiah Omondi who is currently an artist organised an Easter Concert dubbed “Pasaka Party” (Pasaka is Swahili for Easter). He got to bring together fellow artists to perform on this concert and the main aim of the concert was to create awareness on our Mama’s health condition. We got to see a lot of former Huruma kids come for this concert as well as former Huruma workers. In addition we had a lot of visitors on this day and the good news is that even Mama got to attend even if it was for a short while. One of our friends by the name Jodie Harris reminded us of the LOVE of Christ towards us. We all danced to the beautiful tunes that was being presented and Mama got to see how much she is loved and valued by all her children both former and present as we as by the community.

Long Awaited Rains

The rains are finally here! In Kenya we have four seasons and one of them is one of the long rains which was quite late this year. As a result it was quite dry, dusty and hot and bit hard on everyone. We are thankful to God that now we are experiencing rainfall and now we shall be able to plant vegetables in our Home garden to supplement on the children meals. We are also going to harvest the rain water which will help us water our plants The small ones are really enjoying playing and sliding in the mud and it is such a sight seeing their happy faces every day since it started raining. We pray that the rains shall continue as our country was experiencing some form of drought so that we can have plenty of food for both us here in Huruma and countrywide.