The month of April started with a partial lockdown in our entire country due to the current Covid-19 pandemic affecting the whole world. It was a month with a difference seeing that it was our school break period but it did not feel like a holiday.  In mid March 2020 schools were shut down indefinitely thus we had to release most of our students back to their families and guardians. We also had to release most of our staff members as per our government’s regulations, which meant that only minimal staff members were allowed to come into the premises.

It is a month which made us all to be more conscious about our hygiene standards as well as our health as a whole. We heightened up sanitation here in the Home by ensuring that children are constantly washing their hands with soap and clean water. We have put cleaning stations in various points here in the Home where we have sensitised our children on the need to constantly wash their hands with soap and water. Our children, even the little ones are becoming more conscious about healthy sanitation habits but mostly about keeping their hands clean at all times. We have also provided adequate masks for the administration and support staff members required to come into the compound to ensure that operations were running smoothly despite the ongoing partial lock downs imposed by the government.

April is an Easter month where we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Easter comes to remind us of the love of a perfect God for flawed mankind.  This being a time when the government has shut down all churches, we as Huruma Family did not fail in celebrating Easter through showing love to one another. We sat in our dining hall where we sang Easter songs and shared the body of Christ together as a family. Let us all remember that Christ gave His life for us willingly and unconditionally and so we should always extend the same love to family, friends and others around us.

The current pandemic has really affected the economic situation in our country but despite that, April is a month where we have received support from our local community as well as the international community.  Currently, there is minimum interaction between our children and visitors due to the pandemic. We are really thankful for all our visitors for their understanding in regards to the required measures put into place, such as, no handshakes, no hugging and no close physical contact. May God bless all you our friends all over the world, for loving us and supporting us through this pandemic. May God keep you and your families safe.

Despite the pandemic we are still singing and dancing for the Lord and we are hopeful that this pandemic will be put under control and the world will be a happy place again. Let us all keep safe and let us not cease in praying to God for His provision and protection.