We thank God that the April break was good and all our children and team members got to take a break from the normal day to day school activities. We have done all it takes to  follow the directives given by the government concerning the covid19 pandemic and we are grateful to God for His protection over our lives. We thank God that all our kids and team members have been safe at home.  Here in the Home, we had all our kids for the holiday and some of them got a chance to go sped time with friends of the Home and their guardians. We had a long holiday of 7 weeks as this was the month that the grade 8 and grade 12 were sitting for their final national examinations. In these 7 weeks holiday, we had to engage our kids with  work to do so that they just don’t stay idle. They were helping our constructor, Mr. Joseph Mere, in preparation of re-building our perimeter wall which was demolished during the formation of the tarmac road. They also worked in our farm and animal shed as well as cleaning our compound. Despite all that, the children were also engaged in some school work where they got to do the holiday assignments their teachers had assigned them. We thank all the aunties who played a part in making sure that all things ran smoothly. We truly are blessed to have these ladies with us as they ensure that all the children are well taken care of and adequately supervised. We are also grateful for our dear Mum who has ensured that all the children are comfortable and happy during this April break. May God bless her for her beautiful heart.



On 21st April 2021 we got to exit 15 young adults from the Home as they had finished their high school level in Ngong Huruma Secondary School. From the 15 young adults, the Home engaged services of some of the students where they got to start work with us here in Huruma. Inititally the management took the students through some initial training of waht is expected of them as well as how to excel in the departments each will be placed in. In April 2021 some of these students joined the workforce team of Huruma which was an exciting moment for them. Those working in Huruma will work with us for a period of 1 year before they joining colleges of their choice. We currently have 8 of them in different areas of work, thats is, in school as well as here at home. We are also excited that two of our boys, namely, Nicodemus Ochinjo and James  Macharia got absorbed by one, Carling Motors who are based in Karen, Nairobi, to train as mechanical engineers. This is the first opportunity we have had where our children are given a chance to work with an external organization and acquire technical knowledge and skills in a particular field. May God bless one, Mr. Macharia, Owner of Carling Motors for making this possible for our children. These team of 8 all reside at Mama Leigh Ann Home, where they wake up every morning to join the rest of the workers at Huruma. We wish them all the best as they enter into this new phase of life.



I want to introduce you to one of our kids by the name Everlyne Yasire who got to re-unite with her family after 13 years. She is girl whom we rescued in 2008 from an early marriage as she hails from the Masaai tribe who believe in the early marriage tradition. She was being betrothed to a 72 years old male at such an early age thus the rescue by well wishers who did not agree with this practice. Many young girls have suffered from this practice of  this community and Everlyne would have been one of them. For the very first time Everlyn got to re-unite with her brothers and sisters as well as her large extended family. It was a very emotional moment seeing her brothers come to Huruma to take her back home, a place she left 13 years ago. The smile on her face told it all that this beautiful young lady had forgiven her family and was ready to re-unite back with them. As the Masaai tradition dictates, she was slaughter for a cow and she got to enjoy the beautiful traditions practiced by the Masaai community. She has grown to be a mature young lady, empowered with education and knowledge by Huruma Children’s Home.  We are excited to see what the future holds for our girl Everlyne Yasire.


We  want  to thank every person who made us smile in one way or another. GOD bless you and your families abudantly. We want to pass our gratitude to Sambisa Brand Kenya, who really suprised us this holiday by gifting us lots of gifts as well as surprising us with a yummy fried chicken and chips meal. May God bless Sambisa Brand Kenya for making our children smile this holiday. To all our friends and partners, we love and appreciate you always. Blessings to you all!