Another Christmas is here and am grateful to God for keeping us alive to enjoy it as a family. The year has been good despite the many challenges that came with it. This is a year that saw the whole world being attacked by a new disease known as Covid 19, caused by a novel corona virus that had not been previously seen in humans. God has seen us through this year and we are truly grateful that we are coming to the end of year 2020.

On 16th March 2020, our country shut down most of the economic activities as this is when the virus was first traced in Kenya. As a Home, this left us in a big confusion as we were directed to close down the school as well as release most of our staff members as very minimal people were required to be in the compound. As a Home we were in a puzzle on how to protect and keep our large number of children safe from the Corona virus, which was spreading fast among the outside population. We had to self isolate to a point where no visitors, staff or outsiders were allowed in the Home. We even shut down our church in addition to the school. During this time we were able to see how powerless we can be when all stands still and one cannot do anything about

How we were to provide the children with food was still a problem for even we could not allow visitors to come in and the visitors as well  were afraid of coming in. A kind of fear had been instilled in every one and we were all helpless and scared of what tomorrow will bring. All our international friends halted their visits to the Home as all borders in the world were shut down. We were all alone with God, for He never left us. One thing is that we never stopped praising and praying the Lord in our Dinning Hall, believing all will be well in our Nation and the world as a whole.

With a great number of kids at home we had to come up with lots of projects to keep them busy and occupied. With schools shutting down we shifted to e-learning which was a great success to both our students and the teachers. On 12th October 2020, the grade 4, 8 and 12 resumed  back to class as they are to sit for their National Examinations in March/April 2020. As a school we have ensured that the students and teachers are equipped with adequate masks as well as adequate hand washing points outside the classrooms. As you know, every year we exit young adults from the Home who have cleared their high school level. As a result, this year we shall not exit any young adults until April 2021, when they shall finish their high school level. This is the happiest time, seeing that I have been able to fulfill my mission of exiting empowered children through education and life skills.

I just need prayers for provision of college fees since the young adults who have completed high school are so many. My prayer is that all of them will be trained so that they can be able to feed and support themselves and they will not be a burden to anybody. I want to truly appreciate the I Am Huruma College Fund, for the far they have taken our college kids, even paying for their monthly upkeep during this hard year of uncertainty in regards to their education. Despite everything, Peter Kiragu, a child of the Home graduated from College and another by the name Andrew Mwaura will be graduation soon.  He is sitting for his final examinations in Mount Kenya University and as Home we are wishing him all the success.

I also want to thank Leigh Mission who have helped us to add two more units in the Mama Leigh Ann House, which gives shelter to our exited young adults. The home will now have 8 units thus it will be able to accommodate another group of young adults despite the former tenants still occupying the premises as they will join colleges in year 2022 due to the interruptions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic which will delay their schooling schedules.

It is my prayer that 2021 will be a year with difference. This is a year we thank God because how we have survived I cannot explain. We have come to the finish line and we thank God for we as a Home have made it.

To all our National and International partners and friends, thank you for making sure we have food on our table and our operational bills are paid.  We will always honor you for sharing with us the little you had. You are truly God sent and always know that we love and appreciate you. As we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ know that you have brightened a child’s life in a small village here in Kenya. Best wishes to your families this season and always may Christmas spread cheer in your lives.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.